There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Kayode Opeifa Jr. | aka OPEVISUALZ ( Film Director / Producer / Editor )

Being a founder of Final Focus Films has taught me a lot about branding and business. Success does not come overnight, but to increase your chances of breaking through takes reliability , industry knowledge, and execution. Read more>>

Bryce Richardson | President and Creative Director

Paperlyte would not have the success it has today without the amazing team members we have been able to grow with. We’ve been right in choosing people to create a refreshing group to work together with. That sounds generic but it is truly the most important factor behind our success. Read more>>

Ana and Diana Espinosa | Co-owners & Certified Wedding and Event Planners

The most important factor to be successful for us is to love people well and to serve them to the best of our ability. We see success in our eyes when we have cared for the client’s needs and when they feel listened to and supported by our team. Our goal is to create memorable moments for them with our set ups while also creating a relationship with our clients. Read more>>

Vincent Vin” Salvo | Artist & Entrepreneur”

It is not just one thing – it is many things. If forced to narrow it down to one notion — it is having and maintaining a healthy mindset about failure. I try to view everything I do in art, business, and life as an experiment. When one frames everything as an experiment, one cannot fail. “Failing” creates humility, humility encourages loss of ego, loss of ego drives learning, learning becomes growth, growth becomes courage, and courage manifests confidence. Read more>>

Pedro Alanis | Managing Partner

The most important factor for my success would be my family and the support system that I have behind me. Without them I would be nothing. My family has been working in this industry for over 40 years. There is a lot of family tradition that comes with that. A big part of the success behind my brand has been bringing together those long standing traditions and combining them with my daughter’s new innovations. We make a great team and dreamed up Bully Taco together. Read more>>

John Solomon | Founder/CEO of JohnXJuan Fragrance

Authenticity! My brand is WHO IAM and that’s what I want the world to know. I will not alter my personality to gain an audience to buy into me. You have to be your true self so that those who are investing into you are getting the real deal. It’s only right! Read more>>

Londyn Pourciau | Model

The most important factor to being a model is that you have to continually work even when you are not working. Read more>>

Cody Davis | Digital Marketer, Model, Actor, Amateur Boxer, & Entrepreneur

Everything I’ve done to this point was because I recognized my differences as a person and capitalized on them. I used to try to fit into the mold that my environment set for me, but I realized this just held me back because I have more to offer to the world. Knowing there’s people out there that need someone to show confidence for them is what makes me want to go harder. Success is something I’m trying to earn every day; People are going to root against you but that’s what it takes to be successful. Rolling with the punches. Read more>>