We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Bree Sudbury | Founder – Pixels & Digits | Marketing Director – AMCP

I am very Type-A and use a calendar for everything. Recently micro-scheduling has been a life saver. It also helps me keep track of time spent on each task for client retainers and project hours. It’s amazing looking back through the weeks and seeing everything you’ve accomplished. Highly recommend. Read more>>

Gina Lecca | Graphic Designer

Something I didn’t realize before studying Graphic Design at the University of North Texas is that this major becomes a lifestyle. Design is everywhere, and it’s important to absorb as much as you can to be a successful designer. Some habits that I have formed studying graphic design include noticing typographic details on everything I read (magazines, food labels, packaging, etc.) and why certain designs are successful. Graphic design is very powerful because it has the influence to evoke a particular emotion depending on the incentive behind the design. Training my eye to notice how design influences my day to day life and people around helps me become a better designer because I begin to notice patterns where design is successful or unsuccessful. Read more>>

Natalie Nichole | Singer, Songwriter & All Around Entertainer

I feel focusing on self improvement has always been something that’s helped me succeed. Being organized and intentional is a big factor in succeeding as well. A lot of times creatives are naturally givers and that’s not a bad thing but you truly have to be careful of who’s around you and how much you’re giving of yourself. Prioritize self care and always choose YOU. Read more>>