We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Sarena Spurlock | Business Owner

1. Prayer – In prayer is where I get my help, confidence , wisdom and direction. It’s my place of refuge. Every good thing in my life was birth in prayer. 2. Reading- I am a avid reader, it helps to keep me informed in a world that’s constantly changing. Reading is my therapeutic way of relaxing and putting my mind at ease. Read more>>

Lorena Butler | Master Stylist/ Educator

I feel that the habits that helped me succeed are the following: •being goal oriented • being organized • being a “go-getter” • having a plan and making sure you go through with it. • not taking the “no’s “ you get in life as a final say • staying educated with the latest trends Read more>>

Vanessa Bogenholm | President and Personal Trainer

Time structure is very important. I know I am an early morning person. I get up at 4am, work for an hour or so to organize my day, go for a run, then am off to the gym by 7:30am. I work long hours and know my best work is done before 2pm so structure my day for the important things to be done before then. I think any entrepreneur is used to being pulled in many directions and needs to find the focus to get things done. Read more>>