We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Danielle Hall | Poet, Author, Model, Actress

My business is all about empowering others. It doesn’t matter if it’s through modeling or my poetry. My main goal is to inspire other people to fulfill their purpose in life. I know how it is to be stuck in a dark place. If I can save at least one life then I’ll be happy. Even encouraging someone to keep pushing forward I have done my part. Quitting is not a option. GOD saved my life. It’s only right that I share my testimony and help others at the same time. Read more>>

Rachel Sadberry | Mentor & Motivational Speaker

iamEnough is an organization that was founded in order to help young women grow their self-esteem and be confident in themselves, despite the challenges they may face in life. It is my goal to impact, influence, and inspire women with my own story and show them that all you need in this world is you. As long you believe in yourself and are confident in your own abilities without needing validation from anyone outside of you, that is enough. Strong women have always been the backbone of society, but over the decades we’ve seen that women are the most disrespected and unsupported. Read more>>

Joy Kendle | Founder & CEO of QuickSit

From a social impact standpoint, QuickSit serves two specific groups of people. We serve parents in the community who are in need of childcare help by connecting them with local sitters at nearby colleges. We also serve college students by using our mobile babysitting app to create part-time flexible jobs for them to financially support themselves while enrolled in school. Read more>>

Kara Shade | Dr. Kara Shade | Relationship Educator + Owner, Grounded in Good, LLC

I believe the hardest, most important work we do is within our homes and families. That work pushes us to our limits, challenges us, and grows us – when we let it. But, in my years working with couples, I’ve learned so many critical relationship skills and insights are never taught in schools, or at home. We don’t hesitate to invest in training and education for our careers, but in our personal lives, most people assume they should “just know” how to love and communicate well, without coaching or education. Managing conflicts, clearly communicating needs, navigating finances, becoming parents…none of it is for the faint of heart! Read more>>

Tamara Allen | Healer

We impact community and globally for individuals to remember WE ARE ALL HUMANS. The cleansing of the body is imperative for individuals to begin manifesting abundance in their lives. Just making it OK to discuss the problem with bowels and people NOT being turned off was a giant hurdle that was accomplished. We literally have gotten thousands of people to admit “I AM FULL OF S.H.I.T. and I don’t want to be know more” Show Humans It’s Time is one of our mission statements. Read more>>

Helen Adeleye | Founder & CEO of Helena Adele USA Cosmetics

It has been my desire to redefine beauty. There have been a lot of unsafe influences from popular culture about what beauty is and who is termed beautiful and what’s cool and what’s not. This has created a world filled with comparison and insecurities especially amongst women. So, I decided to come up with a brand that doesn’t only enhance the looks but inspire the women and make them genuinely comfortable in their own skin and feel better about themselves with the Helena Adele USA cosmetics products on. Like for instance picking up lipstick from the Helena Adele USA brand and looking at the bottle that has the phrase “You are Loved” or You are a Beautiful Miracle” printed on it could change the trajectory of people’s day and give them the self confidence boost needed.Read more>>

Carolyn Stovall | Author of “A Texas Gal Cooks” Cookbook and Granny Ozark’s Treats.”

I live in a small community, where I am known as the “Cookbook Lady.” People here treat me as a Celebrity. This is just such a great honor for me to be treated so nicely. I was born and raised in Kerens Texas, the home of Big Tex, where he was our gigantic Santa from 1949-1952. The great thing about living in a small town is that everybody knows everybody. I have so many friends here, and I love to bake things and carry to others. I think that is so nice to do something that helps others. I also cook for fundraising projects, and donate cookbooks and children’s books for fundraisers in the community. I so love sharing recipes with others. I did a recipe of the week for our Kerens Tribune until it closed. Read more>>

Marcus Parker | Trainer, Motivator

My business helps the community by combining motivation and emotional healing in an educational/entertaining manner. I have been a school speaker and youth motivator for years and found that most people struggling with getting over trauma and emotional triggers from their pasts. I am an Air Force vet who went back to school (University Of North Texas) at 40 and I had special interest in learning more about Emotional Intelligence. I then put all that I had learned into a book called ” Find the Lie and Fix the Problem”-a tool for emotional healing. Read more>>

Ebon’Nae “Faith” Piggee | Birth Expert & Faith-based Doula

We are tackling the black maternal mortality rate in our Dallas/Ft. Worth community, one birth at a time through comprehensive faith-based birth doula support & birth education. We help black women become empowered with birth options that change their birth outcomes. Read more>>