We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today.  Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

April Darley N.D. | Emotional Strength Coach

In today’s society, stress and anxiety are becoming increasingly common. At first, it may start off small, but eventually stressors begin to impact your daily life. Eventually, stress and anxiety may become so severe, that it could be difficult to perform your daily tasks without feeling pressure, fear, and procrastination. I specialize in helping you uncover hidden sources of stress, pain, fear, and sabotages so that you can feel better, function better, and help others. I use a combination of coaching to shift your mindset along with specialized emotional release techniques to help you let go of trapped emotions that can trigger anxiety at any moment. When you release these hidden sources of anxiety and pain, your outlook becomes brighter, and you’re able to tackle life’s challenges in a calm and controlled manner. Read more>>

Lizna Kabani | CEO & Apparel Designer

2020 has been the most unique yet humbling year yet. When PPE became limited, we stepped in right away to produce and donate masks to the institutions that have a dire need. Now more than ever, we felt that it was our responsibility to give back through what we know. We continue to donate masks through our mask sales. Read more>>

Rosalyn Bellamy Franklin | Owner & Makeup Artist

In a world with so many diverse skin tones, I felt it was my obligation to cater to everyone. Being a black woman I visited several makeup counters growing up where they didn’t have my foundation color or the “professional” makeup artist didn’t even know how to do makeup for darker skin tones. I felt like something was wrong with my skin or that my skin tone wasn’t as important as lighter skin tones. Several years later, these experiences are the reasons why our company’s mission is so adamant to catering to all skin tones. No matter your shade, Ros B Beauty will always offer unparalleled products and artistry that caters to every customer. Read more>>

James Fisher Jr. | Exercise Physiologist

Mission Fit Fitness gives people a chance to learn how to stay healthy and fit while on the job or at their own home via telehealth communication by educating them on Nutrition, Fitness and even physical therapy. Read more>>

Kristi McDonald | E Teacher App – CEO

If you’re looking for help to navigate through the next school year, we’re here to help! E Teacher App is designed to connect high quality teachers and tutors for face- to-face in person tutoring or private teaching. Many families desperately need a teacher to help either in person, or through virtual meet-ups.E Teacher App is a centralized platform to connect high quality teachers and tutors with these families. Read more>>

Aneesah Perkins | CEO/Founder

The Dallas Chamber of Fashion Designers help the community by having Q&A available on our website, social media platforms and at our events. Read more>>