Shoot your shot? Take a chance? Society bombards us with messages, phrases, examples and stories of how taking risk is the key to success, but is anything ever that simple? We asked some of the brightest folks we know to tell us about how they think about risk. We’ve shared their responses below.

Lynsie & Loretta Ransaw | Co- Owners

Risk taking is the best part about being an entrepreneur. Big risks equal big rewards. Not everything will go as planned. Always remember, you will either receive a Blessing or a Lesson! Read more>>

Krystal Gorrell | Creator of Krystal Dawn Photography and The Beauty Portrait Studio

The biggest risk I took changed my life, and that was when I decided to financially invest in myself for the first time. As a professional photographer, of course you have to invest in equipment & education. But it took me over 13 years to invest in a mentor. A person to walk alongside me in my business who has done exactly what I’m aiming to do – and can show me the exact step I need to now in order to reach milestones that I never thought would be possible for me. It was a huge upfront cost, but one that has had incredible returns. I could literally talk about this forever: How coming from a low income family you aren’t taught how to generate wealth. But in lieu of going into every detail, I will simply say how powerful it is to finally find someone who sees you the way you see yourself. Someone who can guide you that also sees your full potential. Read more>>

Chanellé Harris | Photographer, Graphic Designer & Mixed Media Artist

Whether people realize it or not, each individual’s life is a risk. I am definitely a risk taker who rarely takes NO for an answer. If the front door of opportunity is blocked or closed, I will go through the side window. Taking the path of most resistance usually reaps the most rewards for me. Leaving the comforts of corporate America was a risk in itself. I became accustomed to a weekly paycheck with amazing benefits, but my creative soul was lost. Entrepreneurship is a risky, scary, uncertain, sacrificial, worthwhile, valuable, meaningful and beneficial to my soul lifestyle that I will never abandon. Read more>>

Tonay Marie | Singer-Songwriter & Rapper

I feel like with no risk there is no reward. At some point in your life, at least to elevate, there are things that you must risk to reach a higher level or just a better gain. As far as my experience I have taken risks My whole life. I join the military at 18. In a sense I was risking my whole life so that I could get a Head start with my finances, so that I can travel, meet new people, and have health care. Other people my age may have seemed like they were having a great time in college but we’re really struggling to get those things that I was getting. I just sacrificed a lot of parts of myself and my time to get certain results.In the end it was worth it because I am now going on 30, I am currently out of the military now, following my dreams, and I am Getting compensated for my risks for the rest of my life. Read more>>

June Graham | Designer & Business Owner

A friend of mine recently told me she admired the fact that I try lots of different things. She shared that, sometimes the fear of failure holds her back, and as a result she never attempts the thing because she’s worked out in her mind that it will probably won’t be successful. When I heard this, I just thought, “Yeah, but what if it does work out?” And, who cares is it doesn’t? At least you tried. I never realized me trying new things could be considered a strength, because it’s just part of who I am. Over 20 years ago when I decided I was going to start my first company; I knew the first step had to be actually learning how to make jewelry. Within weeks of deciding my new life path, I found a job at a jewelry company and began to learn all kinds of things including how to actually make the stuff. I worked there about 6 months when I decided I had learned what needed and it was time now time to start my business. Read more>>

Ginger Curtis | Principal, Urbanology Designs

I think risk is essential for growth. I have learned over the years that you have to say yes tho the things that scare you. Some of the greatest decisions I ever made felt the riskiest. It’s taught me to push past my comfort zone, embrace challenges, and say yes to new opportunities. The risk I have taken is directly related to our success today. Read more>>

Lilly Benitez | Founder & Director

Anything worthwhile will require at the bare minimum the risk of failure, and on the maximum the risk of immeasurable loss. However, I believe that tomorrow is not promised and I must do the most I possibly can to fulfill my calling. In this instance it it’s establishing a solid foundation for what Blade Craft Barber Academy not only represents, but is. Currently it represents a living result of the dream of a first generation latina in a predominantly male dominated industry. It is a continual elevation of the barbering industry, and a refinement of the people that inhabit the Blade Craft Barber Family lifestyle of dedication, quality, and acceptance. Read more>>

Kristi Judd | Sole Founder & CEO

Risk is tricky. I think it’s easy to fall in to a sort of victim mentality when assessing risk, if you aren’t careful to have a solid hold on your mindset. It’s easy to slip in to a wormhole of “what if this bad thing happens to me…that’d be terrible” and “what if this great thing happens to me because I took this risk.. is it worth it?” I think of risk as placing a bet on myself. I really consider the level of confidence I have in myself and the level of drive I have to see a challenging task (or risk) through at 110 percent effort. If I decide the possibilities that are created by taking on a specific challenge are worth the possible sacrifices, I go all in and bet on myself. I’m not focused on what happens TO me. I’m focused on the conscious decision I’m making to see it all the way through and leave absolutely no effort left on the table. So far, placing a bet on myself has never let me down. That’s because of my belief that if you don’t stop, you can’t lose. Read more>>

Shanae McDevitt | Artist

Risk taking and fear seem to mingle together, and in my life I’ve tried to take the two on with the mindset that when we take risk, and allow ourselves to feel uncomfortable, is when we grow and evolve. In 2017, just after getting married, my husband and I moved into an RV and began what would become three years of full-time travel around the United States. For more than a year before hitting the road we weighed the risks and finally asked ourselves, “What are we afraid of.. what is the worst possible outcome to doing this?” Once we were able to shift how we looked at the risks associated with this lifestyle change it led us to realize that there were exponentially more positive outcomes than negative. During our three years of travel I grew into the women that I am now, I found my voice as an artist, and was able to align my core values with my lifestyle and craft. Read more>>

Zachary Kroeger | Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach & Movement Specialist

I just look at risk as an opportunity to improve or enhance myself, my facility or my career. If I don’t take the risk how much can I lose for not taking the risk, or “One dad views something as how can I afford that and the other dad is like how can I not afford this” paraphrasing from Rich Dad, Poor Dad to the best of my ability. I just view something and if it makes sense and I can see the possible benefit, then I have to go after it. Read more>>