Shoot your shot? Take a chance? Society bombards us with messages, phrases, examples and stories of how taking risk is the key to success, but is anything ever that simple? We asked some of the brightest folks we know to tell us about how they think about risk. We’ve shared their responses below.

Lucy | Manager

Risk, this is a great question. When I came into this business I already knew how a lot of the community would react. It’s a negative topic that concerns a lot of individuals. The topic is puppy mills that all pet stores get their puppies to sell from puppy mills. I knew that we would be judged non stop for this. Even with everyone telling us not to do it, some even laughed we knew in our hearts that this is something we wanted to do. Not all pet stores are the same and we definitely do not associate with puppy mills. Some with never understand but we know who we are. Will continue to place puppies with their furrever homes. Read more>>

Lauren Harris | Founder and Owner of Silky Radiance All Natural Skin Care

I feel that risk taking is a HUGE part of success! Not just for my life but for everyone! Life is all about choices and making decisions based on your current circumstances. Opportunities often present themselves and some times you’re left at the, “fork in the road.” You have to take that leap and choose to try something different so that you can have different results. Of course people will call you crazy because they don’t see your vision. But, it’s not their life to choose which path you should take.. it’s not meant for them to understand. Read more>>

Brady Black | Documentary Artist/ Street artist

Risk is essential for my work. In one since it is risky bc I draw live during difficult and at times dangerous events. I have been gassed, shot at, had my drawings destroyed, and attacked by police forces. But none of that is as risky for me as doing the art in public itself. Drawing street children’s portraits live or drawing graffiti of someone’s portrait as they watched me was far more risky than getting shot at by riot police. Doing art in public means i must make mistakes in front of everyone and purposefully put myself out there for public scrutiny. Read more>>

Jacqueline Abad | Charcuterie boards

Risk is necessary for growth. You attempt these visions that you have inside your head and if it comes out great, that’s fantastic. If you fail, you begin to analyze the areas that you need to practice in. There is no easy way to perfect your craft, it takes hard work, dedication, and the ability to recognize your failures. I don’t want to cheat my self out of my full potential, so with that I do have to take risks. It is intimidating but the idea of me missing great opportunities because I was scared, doesn’t sit well with me. Read more>>

Kaitlin Hays | Elopement + Creative Portrait Photographer

I think running a full time business of any kind is all about risk, and I have so much respect for anyone who does it. It’s a scary thing to leave a job where you’re comfortable and have stability in many ways, to go follow your heart and start a career you’ve been dreaming of for years. When we’re young it’s drilled in our heads to follow our wildest dreams, but nobody really tells you how big of a risk it is. Read more>>

Kyle Morgan | Rural Texas Human Resources Director & Servant Leader to a Pack of Three

As silly as it is, I often quote Sam’s dad from the movie Transformer’s when he says. “No risk. No reward”. I think risks are very key to success. My wife and I moved into a newly built home in Fort Worth prior to coming to rural Texas. We had barely been in the house a year, and I just scored a job I had been applying for for three years, so moving did not make sense. Going from Fort Worth to a town of 3,000 was a BIG risk, and hey, it worked out. Read more>>

Cecilia Navarro | Artisan & Boutique Owner

I took a risk on March 1, 2020 to open my brick and mortar not knowing that on March 17th, 2020 I would need to shut down my shop. On the same month of my grand opening it was devastating. We created online sales, small popup events with limited amounts of people and pushed through. I told myself I refuse to give up and fail. My nervous system took a huge hit but I found ways to be creative and still make sales. The DFW community supported us through it. As long as we stay true, original and genuine the risk is worth the hardships that will come. It is a challenge to prove how bad do you want it? Read more>>

Ashley Neal | Owner/Director Aligned Tutoring Services

Risk taking is so important in life. A statement that always follows me is in a song by Lee Ann Womack. She sings, “If you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance”. In my younger years, my first thought was always to take the most comfortable path. The most recent risk has been “going all in ” with Aligned Tutoring and entrepreneurship. I started my business a year ago, and at its inception, I did not dedicate my all. I held on to my “safe” paycheck and advertised occasionally. Well, 2021 led me to follow my dream all the way through. I have had more success in 3 months of “going all in” than a year of straddling the fence. Mindset is everything. Always remember if you believe you can or believe you can’t, You’re right! Read more>>

Brittnee Thornton | Realtor & Director of Business Development

To be honest, I feel like my entire adult life has been a series of risk and decisions based on risk. I’ve moved across the country several times. Lived in too many cities to count. I’ve switched careers, started a business, been married and divorced. Lost 100lbs, earned two college degrees, and raised my children as a single parent for the majority of their lives. And, for the most part – I’ve done all of this on my own. Read more>>

Johnnie and Jacob Garcia and Sanchez | Johnnie – Head Chef, Jacob – Sous Chef Owners of Herbiveats Comida Del Sol

Risk taking has played a huge part in both of our lives, at the beginning of the year in 2019 I was working full-time at a job that overworked me and did not make me happy at all. Jacob has just moved from Pennsylvania and took a leap of faith for our relationship after we met in New York and fell in love. I was struggling with the idea of quitting and starting a meal prep business, and in that time I was asking the universe to send me signals or I guess a better word would be a sign that everything was going to work out. Read more>>

Lauren Pohl | Licensed Esthetician & Lash Technician

Everyone takes risks everyday, right? Driving a car, buying something big like a car or house, starting a new job… changing careers. For me, taking risks is part of what got me where I am now. I dropped out of college before it even started to move from New Mexico to Texas – no job lined up, not knowing anyone. I left the service industry after nearly ten years to take a job as an “accounting clerk”. Soon after, I stepped into a roll of a “finance, administration, and operations manager”. This was a risk not only for me but the company I worked for as I knew NOTHING about the tasks I’d soon be responsible for. Through hard work, lots of googling, and some night classes, I succeeded. Read more>>

Bri Steele | Macrame Fiber Artist and Graphic Artist

Risk is a necessary uncomfortable. In order for us to reach a new level of growth, we have to feel the fear associated with risk and do it anyway. Personally, risk has played a major role in my elevation over the last 5 years. If I had not taken any risk, I would not have moved back to Dallas. I would not have served a year as an AmeriCorps Vista. I would not have experienced self-employment and thus launched OleGirlHouse. Risk can be uncomfortable, but it is definitely the most rewarding no matter the outcome. Read more>>

Stephanie Garcia | Salon owner & Hair Artist

Taking risk has been an integral part of my career. It was common for me to jump into the next job without feeling fully prepared. Risk didn’t stop me from taking the next opportunity because I knew it would result in personal and career growth. The biggest risk that I took was opening a salon this past March. I knew the challenges facing me, but being a salon owner was a big goal. Read more>>