Shoot your shot? Take a chance? Society bombards us with messages, phrases, examples and stories of how taking risk is the key to success, but is anything ever that simple? We asked some of the brightest folks we know to tell us about how they think about risk. We’ve shared their responses below.

Leticia Herrera | Professional Visual Artist

I have taken a few risks in my art career, that has made a big difference in my success. A big example of those times is when I only had 700.00 in the bank. I decided to quit my job and to use the left over money to put my own solo show. Most people thought I was crazy. But I went for it! aMy show was a great success for many reasons, and great things started to happened ever since. I am glad I took them. Read more>>

Molly May Rockwell | Singer/Songwriter and Actor

Risk is literally what started my career. My jump from casual singer to recording artist and performer began with my album titled The Risk. There’s a song on the album called The Risk, which is about love but for me the album and that stage in my life was really The Risk. I quit my full time job, moved to a cheaper place, had no set plan for how I was going to make it work but I knew that if I kept playin it safe that I would never see the career I wanted. A career in music/acting is innately risk heavy. There are no guarantees that someone will hire you. Covid has been so weird because everyone is turning to tv and music to entertain themselves while actors and musicians are unable to actually go out and work. Read more>>

Raven Dorsey | Photographer of ElizabethRoze Photography

I think of risk taking as a necessary step when it comes to pursuing a creative career. It’s something I personally struggle with though. I find that I’m naturally more reserved and taking more risks is something I have to really push myself to do. But the more I can muster up the courage to do so, it works out in the end. Read more>>

Lisa Temple | Artist/Painter

Being a visual artist is risky. Each day that I go into my studio and begin my work of putting paint to canvas is an open and vulnerable activity of letting go. I can’t worry about an outcome, just paint in the present. Not every day is a good painting day, most are, and other days are good “cover up what you painted” days. The good, bad, and ugly are all a part of the process. The act of creating is boundless and if you push through the fear of perfection and failure–whoa, you’ve entered into new discoveries about yourself, art, life. It’s an opportunity that you, as an artist, take each day. Then there’s the risky business of presenting it to the public. The viewer ultimately completes the painting. Will you form a connection with the viewer? This final step of showing your work is what completes the process. It can be scary! But when that connection is made, there is nothing like it. Magical! Read more>>

Brian Blackmore | Entrepreneur, Humanitarian & Leader

I think risks have played a vital role in my life. I truly believe in NO Risk NO reward. When it comes to taking risk I assess the risks very carefully. I believe anything worth having will involve some level of risk but I am 100% confident in my abilities so I always feel like I will come out on top. Read more>>

Josh Martinez | Artist & Designer

Risk taking is an important part of the entrepreneurial process, and although I like to think of mine as calculated, sometimes you just have to believe in your idea. I started my company with only one guaranteed customer, which goes against the conventional advice of having a steady flow of work before diving in the deep end. It was a risk I was willing to take because I was confident in my abilities and had a strong belief that once people saw my work, I would soon build a client base. Not every risk is a success, but failures leave you with the comfort of knowing you tried. Read more>>

Ngozi Onwumere | Music Artist – Creative – Olympian

My life has always been about taking risk and falling forward. That’s what faith is. As an Olympian and music artist – I’ve always known you have to take risk and put yourself out there to put your best foot forward. Read more>>

Rachel McCants | Author, Speaker, Playwright

I think about risk as faith. I have to trust God in every step I take especially in His business. I believe taking risks help R. Lindsay Unlimited (RLU) move forward. I believe all steps forward are great and an opportunity to learn. Regarding my risk as faith, I believe God is leading me where He’d have me to go and there are different steps I take as He guides me. Taking risks has helped me grow as a person and move forward with R. Lindsay Unlimited. Read more>>

Reya Payan | Master Stylist

To be honest I wouldn’t be doing what I love if I hadn’t taken a risky move! I was going to school and working at Kroger’s. A friend of mine was a receptionist at Toni&Guy and told me all about the great opportunities he was getting as a makeup artist. . I was really interested in the salon scene already and I applied for the same position. Unfortunately I was a little late with my application and they had already started the interviews. I got a call from my friend telling me that they were interviewing at the Parks Mall so I snuck in to the group interview and got the job! Once I got my foot in the door I want to the Toni&Guy Hairdressing Academy and the rest is history! Read more>>

David Grubbs | Co-Founder

I have learned over time that risk can and should be approached in a much more calculated and methodical way. Owning a business is inherently risky enough. Finding ways to lower risk and arrive at confident data driven decisions is important to the long-term survival of the business. The “just go for it” mentality is a gamble that only works in rare circumstances and you only have so many of those before your luck runs out. I prefer an approach that generates the same results without the wild west mentality. In our business, when approach with making decisions that seem risky, we break down any assumptions leading to a decision and then go test those assumptions on a small scale in the real world to collect results and validate those assumptions before any large investment is made. Read more>>

Kenneth Horne | Actor, Comedian

The biggest risk I took, was moving to Dallas to start a new career path. I had contacted a staffing agency, and advised of a position that may be available. I moved from Mississippi to Texas on pure faith that everything would work out. The original position that I was coming for was not available, but within a few days, I was contacted about a permanent position that allowed me to get my footing, and make a start here in Dallas. It was al worth it. Read more>>