We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Sandra Vanatko | Certified Yoga Therapist, Meditation Teacher & Energetic Healing Practitioner

I think now more than ever the services we offer at Indra’s Grace are a necessity. We are a studio that focuses on yoga therapeutics, mindfulness, stress reduction, meditation, and the healing arts. During these times of uncertainty I have worked with more people that are struggling with anxiety and depression than ever before. I am a classically trained yoga teacher, a certified yoga therapist, meditation teacher, and energetic healing practitioner. Much of what I offer through group and 1:1 work is teaching people how to self-regulate their nervous system these days. I teach different techniques for students to ground themselves into presence which helps ease the unrest of uncertainty. I guide people into feeling into their bodies and awakening to the felt sense of the body. Read more>>

Joel Stephens | Television Producer

My business – Morcaman Productions, Inc. was started to provide fun, wholesome entertainment to the entire world. I was tired of the current cadre of movies and tv shows that depicted extreme violence and sex – and the language is terrible. So, having been brought up in a different world of classic movies and television shows = I believed that I was not the only one dealing with this and of course the nostalgia of seeing those movies and shows again has been a joy to me and my family. Therefore I began to search out old television shows and movies plus I thought that I could recreate the feeling of youth again in people that went to the movies – watched a cartoon, a cliff hanging serial and a feature length movie at one setting and of course television shows that had a great moral ending or comedy – just for comedy’s sake. Read more>>

Candace Hora | Designer & Professional Organizer

Our living spaces are so important because they reflect who we are as individuals and who we aspire to be in the world. When our surroundings are full of energetic or physical barriers it is difficult to manifest all that we desire; which creates anxiety, confusion, exhaustion, burnout and giving up on our dreams. My goal at HORAstudios is helping clients understand how to use their home as a nurturing platform for a happy healthy body and mind. Putting a home in order is proven to boost productivity, increase happiness, and positively impacts all other aspects of life like work and family. When we feel good our goals are attainable and we make healthier decisions overall. Another way we positively impact our community is by taking care of the physical stuff that accumulates, usually ending up in the trash. We handle recycling unwanted items, junk and donations; giving peace of mind to our clients and reducing trash in landfills. This also provides jobs for the community to employ workers at donation and recycling centers. Read more>>