We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Rachel Atkinson | Business Owner & Personal Trainer

I have always wanted to help people live healthier lives. The city of Myrtle Beach is home to tens of thousands of people and just a few years ago there were not very many healthy “fast food” places. I opened up Projuicery to serve our community and give locals and tourists a better option when they’re at the beach. We opened the doors in June of 2020, after a couple months of lockdown and had a very busy summer! We offer fresh cold-pressed juices, smoothies, protein shakes, small healthy bites, and more! It is a quick stop, so people are in & out in under a couple minutes, which makes this a great healthy “fast food” place for people. We have helped so many with their post-workout shakes, smoothies and juices to grab on the way to work, juices to add fruits & veggies to their day, avocado toast and a juice for a healthy lunch, and so many other options. We answer questions about healthy foods and make suggestions based on people’s preferences or what they are looking for. We also sell a locally made elderberry syrup for immune support. Read more>>

Nefertiti Seshat Kemet | Actress and Soul Shaman Inc. Founder

Soul Shaman Inc. assists the world in healing and wellness from the inside out, because once you heal the person in the mirror, you heal the world. We started our business with one item that has been around for thousands of years but made famous by the Dr. Sebi, it’s called sea moss. Sea moss has multiple vitamins and minerals that are found in our body. There are stories of communities surviving famine off of this organic algae found in the ocean. Some of the benefits are: diabetes aid, blood cleansing, joint pain relief, reproductive health, immunity strengthening and so much more. Read more>>

Yessenia Carrasco and Louis Palacio n/a | Mushroom Farmers

We believe that mushrooms are now more important than ever. Many people don’t know a lot about mushrooms and how many different species there are, or how they can help us in our everyday life. Mushrooms have so many great health benefits and that’s something that we want to share in our community. Spreading the mushroom knowledge is what we like to call it! When we talk to our customers at the farmers markets that may have never seen the different types of mushrooms, such as the lion’s mane mushroom or the always beautiful pink oysters mushroom; we share our knowledge about how lion’s mane is beneficial for our brain health and consuming it on a regular may be able to improve memory, concentration, and protect the nervous system. Read more>>

Leanna Johnson | Business Owner & Cookier

Very early on, I thought about the mission of my business. It’s important to give yourself and your business a focus. “Why” is just as necessary to the success of your business as “how.” What I loved about my cookie decorating skills was that I could bring joy to others. Decorating cookies made other people happy. The look on a customer’s face when they get to see the cookies that are individually hand-crafted for them gives me a sense of inner satisfaction. I made it my mission to bring joy to the world through cookies. I get to make special events even more special for the customers. I’m entrusted to set the tone for a new mother welcoming her baby. Birthday cookies can capture the personality of the celebrant making their day even more significant. I get to help families honor their graduating sons and daughters after years of hard work. In the middle of a pandemic, when anxiety and fear are at their highest, my business can make the significant milestones even more cherished than they already are. With each cookie, I am granted the opportunity to create a joyful, more positive, world. Read more>>

Jared Burns | reBOX Founder

reBOX offers a better tomorrow by eliminating landfill and the use of trees for cardboard. With an eye to the future, we work to offer a better product for moving while minimizing the environmental impact to the the DFW community. This year alone, our customers kept 53 trees from being used for paper products and over 35,000 gallons of water usage to make those products. We’re just getting started. The reason our business resonates with our customers is because we offer a better product utility to get the job done at about the same price as cardboard while making a positive impact on the environment. It’s a no brainer. Renting moving totes with reBOX is like going from a Blackberry to an iPhone – there is reluctance to try something different initially but once you experience the capability and ease of use there is no going back to the old technology. Read more>>