We asked some brilliant folks from the community to talk to us about how they think about risk and the role risk has played in their lives and careers.

Ace Lahli | Real Estate Agent at Compass

I believe risk is necessary for growth. Without taking risks, I don’t think you will fully realize what your true potential is. Risk involves stepping out of your comfort zone and I think that is one of the best ways you can truly grow. The role risk has played in my life is that it has shown me what I’m capable of accomplishing if I’m willing to go after it, which is exactly what I did when I left the corporate world and got into real estate. An opportunity was presented to me and I had two options; stick with what I was doing and continue to be miserable or take a leap of faith and do whatever I could to create my own path. I chose the latter and so far feel like it was the right choice! Read more>>

David Wolske | Typo/Graphic Designer + Artist

Risk has played a vital role in my career. Eighteen years ago, I made a conscious decision to leave my job as a website designer (a growth industry) to focus my creative energy on typography and letterpress printing—a 560-year old technology. To offset the risk of entering a field with limited career opportunities, I earned my MFA in graphic design so I could teach at the college/university level. My career as an educator provides health insurance and a consistent income. This (false?) sense of security liberates me to pursue my passion for experimental letterpress printmaking at night, on weekends, and over summer breaks. In my artistic practice, I often incorporate improvisation and chance processes—both are forms of risk. Read more>>

Dr. Rebecca Harvey | Psychologist, Author, Corporate Speaker

I tend to think of risk as a the biggest part of a life lived well, and a necessary part of success. Our brain is wired for fear: predict what will happen, so we can make a plan, and protect ourselves. But the problem is, fear stunts us most of the time because it tries to tell us not to disrupt what we “know to be safe.” I clearly recall, when starting my private practice, so many people asking me if I was scared. I was very confused by that question. In my mind, if something doesn’t work out, I learn from it, grow, evolve, and use that to make my next move. So why would I be scared?! Innovation and courage are my recipe for success. This approach can be frustrating at times, and does not always yield immediate success for me, but it exposes me to more opportunities, more lessons–ultimately I gain experience and wisdom. Read more>>

Beseja Moses | Musician/Record Label Owner

I believe taking risks are what make you who you are. They define your character and shape your future. The risks that you take will determine what type of a life you live, and what type of legacy you leave behind. Taking risks has played a major role in my career, because it allowed my to make mistakes and learn from them in the process. It literally built my strength to properly maintain and manage my company. It help me become more of a self-sufficient entrepreneur… Read more>>

Tasneem Mithani | Pastry Chef/ Dessert Enthusiast

Risk-taking is not the only determinate to success, but it is an important influencer. When I was 25 years younger well-timed and utilized strategically it did wonders for my progression and business. Now I carefully measure, calculate and mitigated all the critical risks involved before any kind of investment or commitment in my business dealings due to ever changing market conditions. Is the ROI real! am I achieving as per my expectations. Read more>>