Success. It’s something we dress for, strive for, work towards. We wish it upon others as well as ourselves, but what is it? What is success?

Bennett Litwin | Producer/Writer

For me, total commitment towards the goal is the only time I’ve found success. Having succeeded in several segments of life, notably careers, family, and creative arts, clarity of purpose lives, is alive and active, not a passenger. Success for me was hard, very hard! But I had no choice, I was so in! I’d dream and wake and eat the goal. How can I make it better, tighter, smarter? (kinder, funnier, in the case of my comedy writing.) Oh, and I failed more times than succeeded. Got to move on and learn those lessons. Keep learning. Keep processing new information. When the goal is important my mind remains more open to new ideas and routes towards the goal. Of course, emotions and countering currents, and irregular conflicts arise on the journey. That’s the fun! Read more>>

Suzette Munson | Owner/Co-Founder

In everything we do, we do it with high quality. Regardless if its the product, customer or service, we feel its the most important thing we do. Quality! Read more>>

Michael Paul Gardner | Film & TV Actor, Director, Producer, Host

THE most important factor in my success, IS my brand. If you’ll stay with me here, you’ll know what I mean exactly. See, as you well know, in the entertainment industry, branding is absolutely vital. In the early stages of my acting career I realized that I was being asked to audition for a lot of police officer, military and authority figure types. However, I am fortunate enough to have the look of a killer as well, so there has been a lot of that. Some might call it typecasting. Early in my acting career, the typecast was good thing. I guess the bald head makes me both intimidating and recognizable. I mean, who could forget this mug right? I kid, but really though. Look at my pictures. I look like I could kill your grandma or something. Which I would never do, I’m sure she’s a nice lady. Read more>>

Rachelle Jackson | Designer of Rocky J Designs

The most important factor behind my success is Faith & Prayer. Every year I write out a prayer of goals business & personal and put it inside my Bible and watch them all happen before my eyes. Now it do take some effort on my end as well because ” Faith without work is dead” James 2:14. Read more>>

Hiram Hartnett | Executive Vice President of Sales

Specific to the brand, maintaining a strategic focus around exactly what we excel at. Many of our competitors attempt to be everything to everyone which can lead to mediocrity across those services provided. We have plenty of runway to continue growth within our core service offerings and focus our investments and resources there. Maintaining a stakeholder orientation is critical as well. Delivering opportunity to each and every stakeholder we touch not only holds integrity toward our brand, but ultimately improves service as a whole. I factor much of the success here at Pegasus around our learning culture. We’re competitive, work hard, love to win and have a lot of fun. All that said, we also realize we’re all a work in progress. Ken has been gracious enough to invest a lot of time and resources in training, leadership development as well as individual executive coaching. Read more>>