We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Jennifer Lynn Robinson | Speaker & Influencer

I never give up. I set goals and I pursue them until they are accomplished. Sometimes they take longer to achieve than I would like, but I do not quit. It took me five years between the time I set a goal of doing a TEDx talk and actually being selected and making it happen. I also believe part of my success is due to my visibility. Of course, it was easier to be visible pre-covid when we were all still seeing people in person and staying top of mind. Read more>>

Andrea Tamayo | Professional Space Organizer

The factor that has contributed most to my success as a professional organizer has been me believing in myself since the moment this idea was created. Also believing in my abilities and in the potential this entrepreneurial endeavor has in changing people’s lives. The discipline, motivation and love for what I do all comes from this driving factor. Read more>>

Kyndra Outlaw | Home Stager, Owner of Atmospheric Home Staging

Consistency. I attribute my success to how consistent I have been over the past few years. Atmospheric Home Staging is a service based business, therefore the success is rooted in our continuous ability to deliver quality services and results. Overtime I have consistently improved my portfolio, taken on larger projects, and scaled the business. I’ve worked on my skills, focused on the trends, and done the industry research. Building a brand is a long game, I’ve had to take risks when I wanted to play safe and remain patient and consistent to play the long game. My success and growth of the brand is a direct correlation of my consistent goals and willingness to be persistent in my projects. Read more>>

Finny John | Photographer

Overall, the most important factor behind my success within my photography business was staying consistent in everything I do. Early on in my career I had to force myself to practice editing, shooting, lighting, etc. nonstop on a daily basis until I found a formula that I considered to be the most efficient for workflow as well as helping me gain knowledge. Read more>>

Ky Washington | Clean life guide, Pro Makeup Artist, and Aromatherapist

being authentic and vulnerable. when you are helping someone clean up their lifestyle, find clean beauty products, or getting them ready for a tv, big business or life event, they are coming to you exposed. it is my job to let them know i’ve been where they are and i’m going be there every step of the way because i genuinely care. Read more>>

Ava DeRicco | Amateur Photographer & Veterinary Assistant

The most important factor behind my success is two things. Being personable with my clients, and offering an extremely discounted price. I understand that senior season is unreasonably expensive and I want to offer an amazing experience for less than $150. I also make sure to get to know my client prior to the shoot in order to make them feel more comfortable. Read more>>

Melissa Grant | Chef Creole And Soul Food

The Most Important Factor Is To Keep Applying God First And The Love For People And The Food We Are Cooking 2nd. Read more>>

Marc Zirogiannis | Editor-in-Chief and 3rd Dan Black Belt

We entered the publishing sector when so many other magazines were leaving the market due to the costs of doing business. Our predominant, overarching philosophy has been that if we treated the reporting of Taekwondo stories as seriously as any type of reporting. We have tried to create a leading news publication that just happens to report on the world of Taekwondo. Our Worldwide audience has responded so enthusiastically. Read more>>

Kirschen Wolford | ‘TeX ‘ Artist

The most important factor behind my success is first my faith in God. Without that, I would not have the resilience, strength, or mental stability to proceed forward on a daily basis. Next, I would say embracing the process definitely helps with my success. I feel as though when I find myself having total focus on just getting better day by day, I don’t get caught up in the highs or the lows that I experience on my life journey. By embracing the process, it keeps me neutral. Last, but not least, I enjoy every moment I go through. I take time out to spend with my family and enjoy my victories, whether they be big or small. If I fail, I take that in as well and figure out where I can improve. I’m my hardest critic. Read more>>

George White The Speaker | Motivational Speaker

Knowing that I had a purpose before anyone had opinion. Nobody can stop God plans for you., which allowed me to be a powerful motivational speaker and speak to people soul which also translates to having over 100K plus followers and 1.1 millions like on tiktok. My gift is making room for me. Read more>>