Success. It’s something we dress for, strive for, work towards. We wish it upon others as well as ourselves, but what is it? What is success?

Daisy Close | Artist

I define success as something earned by hard work and determination. I think people often view success as money or fame, but success is about celebrating the drive and ambition it took you to get where you are today. For example, my dream is to become a successful artist one day. Not being rich, not being the center of attention. Those things may be nice at times, but success for me would be inspiring other people through doing what I love and what I do best. Success is being happy knowing I succeeded in a highly competitive career and being the person I always dreamed to be. Success proves what everyone thought was impossible is indeed possible. Success isn’t far from anyone’s reach, some people choose to climb the ladder and others choose to live their life afraid of taking the first step. Read more>>

Sara Nam | Owner

From the standpoint of Edoko Omakase, I define success as offering our guests the greatest experience we possibly can. The mission is quite simple: our guests mean so much to us, and we will work to serve our guests to the best of our ability. Through the dedication, integrity, and talent our team members bring to the table each day, I can confidently say that we strive toward our mission relentlessly. We can’t be perfect and we will certainly make mistakes. Having said that, failures and setbacks help us reach that success we yearn for. We pride ourselves in our readiness and willingness to consistently improve, refine, and progress, and we could never be successful without this process. Behind everything we serve is the culmination of hard work, unwavering passion, and constant reflection. Ultimately, mistakes are a significant part of how we aim for success and we are simply humbled to be travelers in this exciting journey. Read more>>

Ricardo Miller | Life Coach & Speaker

In it’s simplest form, success is all of the elements in your life coming together for your good. It is the appropriate placement of family, faith, finances, fitness, and fun, merging together on a daily basis, giving you what I call, living life effectively. The ultimate goal for everyone, I believe, should be to create a life they don’t need to take a vacation from. It is waking up each day with determination and going to be bed each night with satisfaction. It is also eliminating excuses and embracing the idea to refuse to live a life that is a formula for regret. Read more>>

Christina Rogers | Event Planner & Owner of Yore Cosmetics

Success is when I dream so much about my future goals, the word “quit” doesn’t exist. I realized I became successful the day my clients walked away with a smile on their face. Read more>>

Lil Southside | Artist & CEO

Success is making whatever you want to happen come true, wether it’s just creating an elote stand or having a multi million dollar corporation. If you wanted to do it and made it happen, you have succeeded. Read more>>

Kassie Coleman | Woman of God, Mother, Grandmother, Makeup Artist, Personal Trainer, Doula

Success for me is within. Within you. It’s you reaching whatever goal you’ve set and feeling good about it, and setting more goals! Firstly, if you are satisfied within because you’ve done something or something came to pass, that’s the # 1 thing you’ve succeeded. Believing you could and you did! It’s measured by the standards you’ve set for yourself. Read more>>

Jeanette Ramos | Berry Dipper

Success to me is the ability to be able to complete goals, weather big or small, regardless of the obstacles life throws at you. Success is the ability to fully commit to something without fear. Read more>>