The Decision Makers Series is one of our staff’s favorite because decision making is a topic that so many of us have studied deeply.

Evelyn Williams | Culinary Brand Strategist & CEO of Flavor Enterprises

The single most important decision that I made was changing careers. So not only did I know that I nolonger wanted to go the employee route to make money, I also knew that I no longer wanted to be a chemical and environmental engineering. To me, those two decisions go hand in hand. Read more>>

Anisha White | Lifestyle Photographer

Letting God lead me was the single most important decision I made that has and will continue to contribute to my success. It was that decision that even allowed me to get to where I am now. When I finally realized I was meant to be an entrepreneur my biggest concern was making a move before it was time. At the time of this realization I was working at Children’s Medical Center and going to school at UNT Dallas. A lot of what if’s ran through my mind, there was fear of the unknown, and the thought of walking away from a steady income was scary but, I knew I was destined for something greater. So, I prayed, talked it over with my mom and few close people, and I prayed some more, and I prayed some more. It wasn’t until about 3 months later that God gave the okay to move, I turned in my 1 months notice and September 29,2017 was my last day at Children’s Medical Center. Giving my business to God and allowing him to lead me has by far been the best decision. Read more>>

Kristina Woodruff | Energy & Reiki Practitioner

One that stands at the top of my list is picking up and moving to San Diego when I was 19. I grew up in a small town and was craving culture and adventure. My brother was already working out there and asked me to come out and work with him. I asked less than 5 questions about the opportunity because I was stoked to go to the beach and expand my horizon. This journey to independence taught me all about public relations, public speaking, sales, and marketing. Read more>>

Jasmine Anwer | Architecture and Commercial Photographer

Something that has contributed to my success in running my own business, is to surround yourself with people who support you. Whether this is friends, family or clients it helps so much to have a support system. If you have constant support around you, there is the ability to always push yourself forward and continue loving your passion. Read more>>

Jack Stone | Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Even though you asked for one, we would identify two… First, deciding to strategically leave our previous careers was critically important to giving us the best chance to be successful. As the business started to grow, we knew more time would be imperative. We waited until the last possible moment to leave our jobs, Trish first and then myself. This made taking the leap easier as the business needed us. We knew by then, we couldn’t be successful without quitting. The second decision, which we’re still in the midst of, was to convert to a non-profit organization. We knew from the word “go” that we wanted to benefit the special needs community. As we learned more about the non-profit world, we realized, “That’s us”. That’s what we’re gonna be. Read more>>

Brian & Lindsey DeStefano Velde | Artist.Craftsman.Custom Framing Specialist

We ourselves are artists, and started AAZ because we couldn’t find affordable or reliable custom printing or framing. So, when I blurted out, ‘How much is one of those printers!’ and we decided to go for it we knew that we had to have the quality that we were ourselves looking for. We strive to provide the services based on quality. Read more>>

Steffanie Grossman, PhD | Licensed Psychologist and Animal-Assisted Therapist

I attribute much of my success to the relationships I have with my with my friends, family, mentors, and colleagues. Making the decision to be willing to put energy and time into getting to know the folks around me and in my field, has been invaluable throughout every step of my journey from start to maintenance. For example, it was a dear friend and colleague who gently encouraged me to trust myself to leave a stable staff position and go into private practice, and was kind enough to walk me through much of the process and let me start out renting her office. I am currently the Treasurer for the DFW Chapter of the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals as well as the Professional Advocacy Member at Large for the American College Counseling Association; the reason I even considered applying for these positions is that I had colleagues who encouraged and had faith in me. Read more>>