There is a wealth of academic research that suggests that differences in risk appetite are at the heart of differences in career and business trajectories. We wanted to go beyond the theory and ask real people from the community about their perspectives and experiences with risk and risk taking.

Diane Pereira | Witch Artist

Sometimes it isn’t a risk to do what you love. I love doing many things and have many hobbies that I use as my own therapy, and writing and painting is one of them. Risk is associated with choice making, and when you make something with your mind and hands, because you love it, that is not making a choice: that is simply a version of a certain self care. Read more>>

Erica “Acire” Kane | Artist, Model, Event Planner and Actress

I’m very open to taking risks because you really never know if you’ll be successful at something until you actually embark on the journey. I can recall the first time I decided to start organizing shows in DFW although I’m from Memphis Tennessee. A brief conversation with my friend LD from Oak Cliff sparked the idea of me organizing a show at Royal Lane Studios little did I know that risk lol would spiral into the birth of Roast & Flow a show founded by DFW own Biz, Royal Lane Studios, Malik, Den 10 Comedy Jam and myself, Erica ‘Acire’ Kane. There was a lot of growing pains and lessons at the beginning but it all was worth it! Read more>>

Amira Ansari | Communications Manager

Taking risks is an integral part of growing as a person. There are small risks, calculated risks, and risky risks. I try to stay in the “calculated risk” area when it comes to both my life and my career. If I can justify doing something out of my comfort zone that thrills and excites me and I believe I can succeed at it, I will always go for it! But also, I believe most people know in their hearts when a risk is calling to them. I’ve been married (unsuccessfully), completely relocated myself, geographically (half successful), and completely switched career paths to get to where I am today. Read more>>

Lexi Romero | Professional Dancer/Choreographer

How I feel about taking risk it can be good or bad. You have to give it your all and own it to the fullest. You have to see your vision and see that nothing else can take your eye of what you believe in. The roles that taking risk has played for me is picking a job/career that many wouldn’t choose. Being a professional dancer and choreographer there’s a lot of no’s you will get before you get those yes’s. For example : you can go out for 5 auditions in a day, but the risk you’re taking is maybe only getting one of those out of the five you got. Read more>>

Darrel Price Jr. | Photographer & Salesforce Administrator

Risk taking is an integral part of my business. It goes from sharing my vision to a client to posting my work for the world to see. That risky set design or insane pose could be the difference between 1 client and 5. Read more>>

Kate Szirmay | Diamond Concierge & Graduate Gemologist

There is no reward without risk. In 2017 I started Kate The Concierge, leaving a great job with consistent pay, a consistent schedule, and healthcare. Leaving was a big risk! There were so many unknowns. Having been in fine jewelry for my entire life I knew there was room for movement into the digital space. I started with the goal of creating a totally unique diamond buying experience. My mission was to take the overwhelm and confusion out of buying diamonds, so anyone can experience the fascinating world of diamonds in a personal, joyful, and ethical way. But when I was first starting I had no idea if anyone even wanted to buy diamonds that way. I’m so excited I took the risk, left my job, started this business. I’m now working fully remotely doing the work that I LOVE and sharing about diamonds all day every day. Read more>>

Kevin Clarke | Pharmacist/Entrepreneur

Risks are a part of every day life. You can choose to play it safe, but I’ve always believed life is meant to be lived. As long your risks are calculated then you should bet on yourself every single time and take the risks. I was born in Kingston, Jamaica and my family emigrated to Atlanta, Georgia in the mid ‘90s with a hope to “make it” in America. Read more>>