Parenting is an incredibly important responsibility and so we wanted to get a conversation going with input from parents in the community. We asked them: what is the most important thing you’ve done as a parent? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Philiscia Stubbs | Author

I believe the most important thing that I’ve done as a parent is instill in them the word of God. Not only did I instill in them the word of God, but I’ve also made sure to be that living example for them. I believe faith plays a big impact on how the direction of your life will go. It teaches you to never give up and keep pushing. It teaches you to have an attitude of expectancy that greater things are coming, as well as to be anchored in the promises of God. For my children they now have that push that no matter how things may look or how they’re going, to keep pressing forward. They never give up, because they know the only way that they can fail is, if they stop trying. My son always say, mom when you stop trying that means you’re lacking in your faith. He always reminds me in those down times mom remember as long as you have God, He will come through for you. Read more>>

Damita King | CEO of Momma Jo’s Bakery

The most important thing as a parent I have done would be showing my children never to give up. I have instilled in my children that if you are determined and dedicated to something to always see it through to the end. I have also showed them that even if you have seen it through to the end and it did not come out the way you visioned it, you can either be unsatisfied with the outcome and settle or you can rise above and keep going until you reach the outcome you desire. Read more>>

Alexis Owens | Hairstylist & MUA

I believe the most important thing has been being present and making time for just me and my son. I also take his education very seriously so I’ve made sure that wherever I’m sending him will be in the best interest of his development. Read more>>

Camille Thomas | Hair-Preneur & Stylist

The most important thing I’ve done for my children is show them the example of entrepreneurship and business ownership. Growing up, I was not aware that is was possible to thrive and flourish as a business owner. I am proud that business ownership is apart of their norm. As a matter of fact, they’re already budding entrepreneurs! They have a t-shirt line called DK Designz. They have a website that they designed and everything! I am proud that I set the template for their success as future successful business owners. Read more>>