We asked some of the best parents we know to tell us about the most important thing they’ve done as parents and have shared their wisdom below.

Tequilla Thomas | Owner/CEO

As a parent I feel me having an idea, building off that idea and creating a successful business has impacted my children the most. Showing them that if you truly believe in yourself you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. In doing so this has shown them that hard work, consistency and dedication pays off! Read more>>

Kasie Hayes | Photographer + Multidisciplinary Creative Entrepreneur

My name is Kasie Hayes and I am a multidisciplinary creative entrepreneur. While I wear many hats in the creative world, photography and videography are the main external services that I offer. Prior to having kids, I thought that I would not be able to pursue my creative dreams if I had children. Now, after getting married and bringing two beautiful babies in the world, I see that my children were my catalytic catapults that forced me to bet on the creative gifts that I have to offer the world. As a parent, I realized that the best thing I could ever do for my kids is to be the best version of myself possible. To give them the opportunity to see their mother use her gifts, is to to give them sturdy shoulders to stand on as they discover their own. Read more>>

Amarilis Rivera | Cake Artist

Becoming an entrepreneur is the most important thing i have done in terms of the impact on my children. I always tell my children you can become and do what ever you want in life as long as you commit your self and stay determined to achieve your goals. As a mother, I value teaching my children how to become independent and help others in the process. The best way I could achieve this was by being a living example. Read more>>

Seung Szczechowski | Permanent Makeup Artist & Trainer

I have two daughters and a son, and as they were growing up, naturally, I wanted nothing more than to stay at home with them. However, it is also because of my immense love for my family that I started my own business, which has been one of the most important things I’ve done for both my children and for myself. Growing up, I knew I wanted to go to college to get a good education, but my parents weren’t in a position, financially, to help me. Determined to make something of myself while still in Korea, I scrimped and saved, sometimes sleeping in libraries and waitressing at night. I earned my degree, and made myself a promise: if I had children someday, they would always have my full support when it came to their education, and I would do whatever I could to make their dreams come true. Read more>>