We asked some of the best parents we know to tell us about the most important thing they’ve done as parents and have shared their wisdom below.

Erica Harris | Oncology Nurse & Health and Fitness Enthusiast

As a mom I believe the most important thing I’ve done thus far to impact my girls is teaching them about who God is, and encouraging them to to lead a Godly lifestyle (even as little girls) in order to grow up to be little women of virtue. We spend time together on a regular basis praying and reading/discussing Bible stories. I truly feel it’s important to place God’s truth and word in their hearts as young children, because I want them to grow up and base their decisions in life on the word of God. I share with them the importance of prayer, giving, and serving others. Read more>>

Christina Worth | Author, Encourager, Philanthropist & Entrepreneur

Teaching her that the only person who can stop her, is her. Read more>>

Chassidy Stampley | Caterer

As a parent I feel I have done my best to become a great role model for my children. I strive everyday to get better at showing them that anything is possible with hard work, passion and tenacity, they will be able to accomplish anything they set their mind to. Read more>>