Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Geetha Nagarajan | Montessori Entrepreneur

I share Montessori inspired learning activities using common household items on my social media platform. Utilizing the knowledge gained from my educational degree, certifications, and classroom experience, I explain the significance of the activity; list all the materials required and the process highlighting the benefits it provides to the child. I have gotten many messages from parents across the world thanking me for sharing my learning activity ideas. I also host and participate in several collaborations on Instagram periodically with other Montessori educators & parents to showcase a wide variety of activities to benefit children’s learning during these tough times we are currently experiencing. In addition to this, I do a weekly Q&A for parents and a live session to demonstrate learning activities. My business/role as a social media influencer trains parents to be a “teacher” for their children. Read more>>

Paula Diamond | Owner, tattoo artist and body piercer

Not only because it is the right thing to do, we feel that giving back to others is a vital part in the development of our community. There is always a hope that the good you put out in the world will spread. We have hosted events raising money for wonderful non-profits such as Trinity Gap Animal rescue, Barkley World, which helps cover veterinary expenses, and Journey to dream, a organization in Lewisville dedicated to helping at-risk, victimized and homeless teenagers. We held an event to raise money to pay off the entire student lunch debt of a local area elementary school, helped in providing Christmas gifts for for multiple families for 2 years in a row, delivered meals to Ft. worth homeless, and school supplies to low income families. We worked with the Mid-Cities Montessori in creating a local community closet to help provide clothing for people who have job interviews as well as people who lost their belongings from fire, domestic violence and other misfortunate events. Read more>>

Laredo Two | Rock Band

Every member of the the band has been deeply impacted by music since they could register rhythm and melody. As they grew up, their appreciation for the art of music did the same, from the emotional resonance of specific bands and albums that impacted them, to the unrivaled energy of live shows. In their teenaged years, they began to want to create the same experience for others. Especially over quarantine, the band began to provide free private concerts in front of people’s houses performing both covers and original music. With the release of their debut studio EP in June, they plan to continue to grow their following and connect with people who are as passionate about music as they are. Read more>>

Jim Mullen | Personal Injury Attorney and Trauma Nurse

The social impact on injured Texans is much greater than I initially imagined it would be. For starters, I am able to help people without health insurance and limited financial resources get the care they deserve after they have been severely injured. Unfortunately in today’s healthcare system the people who are injured in car wrecks are not only forgotten but regularly turned away, even when they have insurance. It is not uncommon for me to be contacted by a potential client because they tried to follow up with their family physician for help after they have been discharged from the ER and are still experiencing pain. Additionally, Texas consistently has one of the higher death rates as a result of commercial truck wreck injuries. By holding these companies accountable and changing poor safety practices we help to make the community safer. Read more>>