Deciding to work for yourself is often cited as the best decision folks in our community have made. Hearing the same response over and over led us to ask them about the next best decision folks have made and we’ve shared their responses with you below.

Vega Montanez | Director, Writer, & Producer

Interestingly enough, working for myself has never been my focus. The true driving force behind everything I do is the aim to have complete control over my time. Working for myself allows me to determine how I’m going to spend every second of everyday. It allows me to decide who I interact with for how long and, in the best cases, how those projects and relationships grow. Alot of people I know, business owners, entrepreneurs, working class they are all chasing the idea of Financial Freedom. I’m simply chasing freedom. Read more>>

Sharon Chenausky Sharon Edwards | Creative Textile Upcylers and Shop Keepers

Forming a partnership with my friend has proven to be the most important business decision I have made. Our past work/life experience has given us each a unique perspective on business as well as different strengths in running the Creative Collections shop and pursuing our creative journey as Sharon Squared. We are keenly aware of those differences and strive to divide up responsibilities accordingly. There are still challenges, but sharing the workload is enabling us to move forward. Read more>>

Monica Denais | Therapist & Podcast Coach

The single most important decision for me that contributed to my success is investing in my growth as a leader and allowing someone to coach me. I had to sit with myself and understand where my weaknesses lie as a business owner. In graduate school, I was not taught about business and they often don’t teach wellness and mental health professionals to run a business that is sustainable and profitable. I had to let go of scarcity mindsets and overcome challenges as a business owner and learn the best way I can serve my clients. Read more>>

Blake Hundley | Social Media Marketing Specialist

The most important decision I decided to make in working for myself, was truly believing in myself! I knew God required more of me and the only way of meeting him half way was taking a leap of faith. Read more>>

R. “Reese” Broadnax | Motivational Speaker and Lifestyle Enhancer

I made the decision to begin charging for my services. I am a natural born people person. I have been the “go to” person for many, many years. Ms. Resource, Ms. Information Locator, yeah that was and still is me. But I found myself over-worked and very rarely paid. Many times I would be exhausted and sometimes not even thanked, properly but I had been “Wonder Friend” or “Ms. Get it Done For You” and saved the day. Read more>>