Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.

Dominic Bonsignore | CEO, Harmini Productions

I came up with the idea for my business because of the poor treatment of other business. People like doing business with people they can: 1. Count on to get the job done. 2. Trust with their money. In my experience in the entertainment industry, I would constantly pay money for services that were either late, half done, poor quality, or scams. It was a terrible experience, and extremely frustrating to say the least. After years of dealing with individual people who were like this, as well as companies, I decided to become the solution to not only my dilemma but the dilemma of others just like me. Most artists are simply looking for people they could trust to get stuff done, and get it done right. Read more>>

Cindy Pennington | Cat Lady Extraordinaire

As Sigmund Freud once stated, “time spent with cats is never wasted.” I started fostering after I adopted my first cat, Kitten, as I did not want her to be lonely. While shelters and rescues provide much needed help and find so many homes for animals, the environments can often be extremely stressful for the animals. Cats are very sensitive animals and being in cages (at a shelter or at an adoption event) can be extremely difficult for them. Because of the stress of being in a shelter can cause, potential adopters may not get to see the cat’s personality shine. After fostering dozens of cats, I have learned how different a cat’s demeanor can change from being in a cage to being in a home. A scared and shy cat in a cage could actually be the biggest sweetheart given the right environment. Read more>>

Ann Clasby | Agent For Social Good

Soul Sisters for a CAUSE is what happens when highly artistic, corporate savvy and social-entrepreneurially minded women band together! We didn’t want just any business idea; we wanted a project that aligned with our values. To do that, we made it personal, and we drew on our own life experiences. All of these elements shaped the idea that is Soul Sisters for a CAUSE. What started as an idea to create beautiful items to wear and support a cause quickly evolved to the pieces becoming conversation starters to raise awareness for important topics. And the idea was born – a social impact business for our fashion-forward consumers. At the same time, raising the profile and supporting causes that are close to their hearts. Read more>>

Marc Mattox | Media Company Owner

The idea of my multi pronged media business was organic thought at first. My wife and I have owned an eCommerce business together (Katydid.com) for 10 years, but my background has always been in marketing, finance and business opportunities. These skills I used in the eCommerce business, but also on a few side hustle’s into other interests for passive income. So when stock trading apps went to low fees then zero fees I was hooked. I had traded stocks for years, but specifically on my phone for a number of years and had used a very interesting, but organic strategy to find good short and long term stocks. I say organic, because I never went to a day trading or swing trading guru class or spent a dollar on anyone teaching me their system, I just found my own and perfected it. Read more>>

Gina Propp | Founder and Owner

The idea for Crunchy Girl Granola began close to 20 years ago when I began giving my granola away as holiday gifts to friends, family, neighbor’s and my biggest fans, my husband’s co-workers. It was a big hit to anyone I gifted it to. I knew I had a good product. So that sprouted my idea of turning my granola into a full fledged business. When Texas opened up the laws for Cottage Bakery and Food Artisan’s like myself, I knew it was possible to make this work as a side hustle. At the time, I was a full time employee for a small catering company. I started planning for my side (weekend) hustle when my job suddenly and unexpectedly ended. With that change, I realized that the only path I really wanted to follow was the path of my granola business. Read more>>

Wendi Clark | The Unicorn Chemist

I came up with the idea for my business during a routine self care moment. I, personally have been using sugar scrubs for years and many I’ve found to either be too abrasive, or they don’t exfoliate enough. Through my expertise in the science field, I’ve come to understand not only the need for skin exfoliation, but the chemical composition behind it. With all of the brands out there, I decided to take what I did and didn’t like, and create my own blend. Read more>>

Kelly Collier | 1:1 Online Nutrition Coach

For decades I struggled with my mental health, and full blown eating disorders. I was so wrapped up in the damaging idea that we have ALL been taught since childhood…that as women we have to eat less, cardio our butts off, be afraid of practically all foods, never lift a weight in fear of getting bulky, take up less space in the world, and always strive to shrink ourselves. I had been conditioned to accept that I’d be spending the rest of my life extreme dieting and starving just to feel valuable, and I didn’t even think twice about it! Always chasing to weigh 5-10 lbs less. We practically come out of the womb doing cleanses and on an elliptical! And one day I realized, this was the source of my anxiety and depression. I call it my “diet depression” because it was keeping me playing small, never feeling ENOUGH to achieve anything, worthy or strong in who I was. Read more>>

Stephanie Spriggins | Owner

The idea for my business came from a gift that I gave to my four sisters. Every year we have a Sisters Retreat and we exchange gifts during this annual event (in leu of birthday gifts and Christmas gifts). I was trying to find something special when I came up the idea of an ideal relaxation spa gift. Only an at home spa gift and what might be included. The first thing I made was a bathtub caddy/tray. I’d seen several but wanted something rustic and simple in design. After I came up with the caddy, I wanted all things “spa” to put with the caddy. I had already dibbled and dabbled with some natural skin care products before and thought they would make the gift complete. I made an aromatherapy experience with a bubble bath, an exfoliating sugar scrub, bath salts & tea detoxing soak and Shea butter body butter. Read more>>