We had the good fortune of connecting with Lorann Schindler and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Lorann, why did you decide to pursue a creative path?
For me pursing an artistic/creative career was not so much a choice, but more so just who I always was. As far back as I can remember I always just had my hands into whatever was within reach. Be it my grandma’s makeup, a box of glitter crayons, scraps of fabric I tied around myself, or flour from head to toe in the kitchen. Everything was always a possibility to be something else. I have always looked at things differently. Looked for a different angle or a new perspective. My imagination has always run wild. Growing up my Barbies didn’t just play house. They lived in an imaginary mansion, they were women in power, and most importantly they were my models. I would spend hours styling their hair, arranging them in group photos across their corvette, and using every frame of my grandma’s roll of film for their photoshoot. My creativity was never stifled. My grandma would just have the film developed, and I would go through the photos to see how my Barbie photoshoots turned out. As I got a little older I would draw faces much akin to makeup artist face charts just so I could color in makeup. Then I found my grandma’s makeup drawer where no lipstick or blush were safe from me. This all led me into my preteen/teen years. My Barbies’ turned into a hairdresser’s mannequin head in which I would sit for hours watching Lizzie McGuire while styling the mannequin’s hair. My grandma’s makeup drawer turned into my own overflowing kit of makeup filled with whatever blue eyeshadow I could find. That slowly was replaced with M.A.C because I read in J-14 Magazine that, that was what Britney Spears used. By the age of eleven I was working with my local high school’s theatre department doing makeup. By the time I entered high school as a freshman I was taking my first clients for prom and homecoming makeup. By my junior year of high school I was on the yearbook staff with a camera in hand. After high school I continued my art education by obtaining my degree in Fine Arts. After college I attended The Makeup Training Academy. Everything from my childhood slowly led me to a career as a makeup artist and a photographer. It was never really something I pursued. It was something that always lived inside of me.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
I am a creative through and through. Everything I do, honestly, has some kind of creative or just plain dramatic flair. I feel like what truly sets me apart is that when you come to me you can get everything you need at once. You get photography, you get makeup, you get a vision. I can take my years of studying art and design principles to help you out with a fully realized concept. I did not just study art in college, I studied photography as well. I can help you with creating a product shot as well as a portrait. With my makeup work you are also getting years of experience, education, and continued education. Whether it is a production job or a photoshoot my makeup work spans a wide skillset. Obviously, nothing in life is easy. There have been moments that I was not sure of what I was doing anymore. There have been moments that I have given up on something completely. There have been moments where life has happened, and it deterred me. There have been moments where I just have no done anything at all. All this to say, am I where I want to be in my career today? Not necessarily. However, I am at a place now that I like. I am now at a place where everything seems to fit together. I had moments where I thought I had to be one thing or another. In those moments I dove headfirst into just one career path and killed my joy. I believe though, that you should never stop growing and evolving, never stop working on yourself. Through much self-discovery I came to the realization that as an artist I do not have to be just one thing. Which is why these days you can come to me for your makeup and photography all at once. Neither are a hobby for me. They are both the career path that always lived inside of me. And I found a way to meld them into one business. I guess long story short: this is my brand. I am a makeup artist. I am photographer. I can be both of those things at once. I can also be those things individually. Let’s grab a coffee(after the pandemic) and chat about what you need! Makeup, portraits, headshots, product shots, creating content. I can help you with it all.

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
Well, actually, I live with my best friend of twenty-five years. Maddison and I have lived together off and on for the better part of the past fifteen years. Insert some sort of joke here about being a sad cat lady with roommates in her thirties. Except in this case it is a dog with a cat-esque attitude. And also, why would I choose to live alone when I could live with my best friend! We have often been told that our friendship is akin to that of something you would see in a TV sitcom. Shenanigans, quirkiness, scrunchies galore, all the perfect troupes to create a sitcom duo that you would take a Buzzfeed quiz to find out which one you are. However, as the jazzy theme song ends you are more likely to find a very boring scene. One in which we just hang out in our separate bedrooms complaining about the world. We live in a smaller town outside of the cities making us perfectly centrally located to everywhere. This means we can get to all of our favorite things usually within an hours’ time. While it may not be an itinerary for a jampacked weeklong visit from out of town here are some things and places we enjoy (well, the things we enjoy when we are not living in a world of COVID.) I know there are delicious restaurants a ‘plenty in Dallas, but we are forever stuck on two places: Celebration and Breadwinners. If we are in Fort Worth then Spiral Diner, Eatzi’s, and Super Chix is where we are probably going. (all have Dallas locations as well!) Or for some New Orleans flavor we head to Dusty Biscuits in Fort Worth. For the one true love of my life(burritos) we head to Waxahachie to Kika’s Grilled Chicken. Don’t let the name fool you, they have the best burrito, and you can also get a whole grilled chicken. However, if we are in Waxahachie and in the mood for chicken then Big Al’s Down the Hatch is the chicken strip we are opting for. I am actually allergic to garlic and lactose intolerant, so when I am in the mood to ruin my life I head to Denton. I have eaten pizza in New York and I still with all my heart believe that the best pizza in the world is at J & J’s Pizza on the square in Denton. From there we always walk across the square to go to Beth Marie’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream. While Maddison does not drink coffee, that is all I do. She instead chooses to stand by me saying random coffee related words in a Shakespearian manner while I order (her attempt at trying to sound like a coffee snob.) Sons of Liberty in Fort Worth is hands down the best shop in DFW and you cannot convince me otherwise. Maddison will actually vouch for Son’s because their draft chocolate milk is delightful. White Rhino (Cedar Hill or Waxahachie locations) will always be a favorite that feels like home for me. West Oak in Denton or Kimzey’s in Argyle (sister shops) make a latte so good you’ll want to cry. I’m obsessed with the café matcha from Hola Café in Oak Cliff. I also can’t get enough of Brewed + Pressed in Dallas. Nonfood related if we are going to leave the house then it’s for only a few more things. We love catching a concert or a musical. We wait with anticipation every year to see what Broadway tours the Dallas Summer Musicals will be featuring. We can also search for hours through record bins. Doc’s Records and Vintage in Fort Worth is our favorite record store. Not only is Doc’s record selection great, but the atmosphere just gives you the best vibes. Mad World Records in Denton and Spinster Records in Bishop Arts are other close favorites. Most days though you will find us at home delving deep into our love of Britney Spears and immersing ourselves into the fandom surrounding RuPaul’s Drag Race. Seriously, Britney Spears’ Instagram is pure art, and drag queens make the world a better place. Periodt.

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
It is hard to pinpoint where I am in life to one particular thing. I believe that throughout our lives so many different variables attribute to who we are. If I were to sit here and tell you just one person or place changed my life, I would be a liar. It is a culmination of various factors. It is reading a book at a certain time, stumbling upon a place that instantly feels like you belong, it is crossing paths with an individual at a time you weren’t expecting. It is all those little instances that add up to who you are. Not just career wise either, but who you are to your core. For me the love and encouragement started at home with my mother and my maternal grandparents. I lost my father when I was four years old, but it would not be until much later in life that I realized how much of him lived within me. My mother dedicated her life to see that I had the best I could despite the circumstances. My grandparents were never short on encouragement for me or my creative side. My foundation started there. I was a quiet and withdrawn child, but things like anxiety were never talked of. I joined the youth organization Camp Fire when I was six years old. It was in Camp Fire that I started to find myself and find my voice. I would carry that with me at all times. Everywhere I went during my formative years I would have an internal pep talk telling myself to just imagine that this was Camp Fire camp. It was there that I was able to talk to people, to come out of my shell, be myself without care of ridicule or embarrassment. Camp Fire deserves such a shoutout. Founded in 1910 it was started as a way for girls to have their own organization similar to Boy Scouts. By 1975 Camp Fire changed its policies to become a co-ed organization. In 2003 after another rebranding Camp Fire became the first all-inclusive youth organization! This meant taking the use of “Boys and Girls” out of their name. Making Camp Fire the first youth organization accepting of all genders, races, and sexes! For 110 years Camp Fire has been a safe space for youth across the nation with a mission of helping youth find their spark within. It was through Camp Fire growing up that I met my best friend, Maddison Black. Four years after graduating high school we started our own Camp Fire group of second graders. We always wanted to give back to the organization that gave us so much. This summer our kids graduated, and those kids also deserve a shoutout. I was twenty-two years old when I took on the commitment of guiding them through Camp Fire. I grew with them just as much as they grew with me. In fact, the photographer credit you see at the bottom of this is one of those kids. They never cease to amaze me with the humans they’re becoming. My mom’s best friend, Julie, also deserves a shoutout for playing such a role in my life. This summer after twenty-seven years she retired from teaching. I was blessed to grow up in a school district where my Aunt Julie was just down the hall. It was Julie who saw something in me at eleven and got me involved doing makeup for theatre. It was also Julie who saw something else in me and put me on yearbook staff handing me a camera. She championed those things in me, presenting me the opportunities to grow at such an early age at what is now my career. So many other things have added up to who I am today: -Countless nights in college standing in front of a stage listening the to Eli Young Band contributed to who I am. Being in a smoke-filled bar listening to those four guys gave me a sense of finding a place in this world. It brought me a deeper connection to my mother. She had loved a band that much at that age and had stood in those same smoke-filled bars for her band. They were my soundtrack to college, road trips the night before midterms, friendships I maintain still. Watching their success grow from small stages to Grammy nods has never ceased to bring me inspiration. Find you some music you love and let it connect to your soul. -All the humans my path has crossed. Neighbors and friends who feel more like family, the ones who have come and gone, the ones who were only there for a season of life, the ones who stick around without jealousy or malice but are there to feed your soul and encourage you to grow. -Taking Dr. Dodson’s Beatnik and Hippie Literature class at Tarleton State University. That class was my first time reading my favorite book: On the road by Jack Kerouac. That deep dive into studying the works of leaders of the counterculture really allowed me to say to myself “hey, I am weird and that is okay.” -Terri Tomlinson, owner of The Makeup Training Academy and makeup artist veteran, who took me under her wing mentoring me as a young makeup artist (who up to that point was self-taught by magazines.) Then sometimes in life you find yourself parent-less at twenty-eight. You stumble upon a coffee shop not knowing that very soon you would find solace and sanctuary spending every day for two years there. It was in that coffee shop that I found my other best friend. And I hated him. The barista with the awful beard and dumb hat that never stopped yelling. So naturally after a few months Taylor Perkey was my best friend. He is an incredibly talented videographer, photographer, designer, podcaster, and Tom DeLonge’s biggest fan. At that point in my life I had actually sat down my camera and stepped away from photography for many years. It was spending so much time with Taylor that inspired me to pick my camera back up again. Which I guess leads me to this point in my life with a shoutout to another wonderful friend. A wickedly talented photographer and videographer, borderline genius, singer, song writer, bookworm, hypnotist, Marcus Belmore. It is a friendship like his that keeps me encouraged daily. Having an artistic partner like him that I can constantly bounce crazy ideas off of keeps me pushing myself further. He is always ready to remind me of my talent when I start to become my own worst critic. He enriches my life in an inexplicable way. And let me just circle back to my best friend, Maddison. She is my family. I honestly do not know how to explain twenty-five years of unconditional friendship. She fights for me when I have lost the will to fight for myself. She is all the things that I am not, and she is everything that I am all at the same time. She’s just louder. But really you can ignore all of the above shoutouts because the only one that matters is my dog, Elton John. #puppyeltonjohn is the canine embodiment of me. He has the attitude of a cat, likes his distance, and loves watching game shows. He is my support system and my alarm clock. He is my reason. And he is really freaking cute.

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