We had the good fortune of connecting with Jaqueline Michelle and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Jaqueline, can you walk us through the thought-process of starting your business?
Ever since I was a child, I always had a fascination and deep interest in the human mind. Specifically along the fields of psychology and various forms of healing and interacting with another human that is in the process of over coming trauma. My heart was set on entering this field. Set on studying depression, mental illness, pain. At the time, I truly only knew psychology and being of service in this way to only be tied to the more “negative” side of the psyche. For me, I wanted to not only understand another human being – why they were the way they were, what they need to overcome, what life after trauma could look like – but I also wanted to understand those layers within myself. I want to take an active role in my healing and in the healing of others. Although I was in and out of therapy for several years in my young life, I never felt the big shift of coming in to myself. of feeling safe, embodied, and at peace with who I am as a being. I assumed that that was life, and that it was me, and that is just how I am going to feel from here on out. To make a long story very short, when I turned 19, I stumbled upon the practice of yoga. Initially it was for extra credit in a dance class I was taking in college. However, very quickly. And I mean very very quickly, it became my entire life. My point of focus, my way of being. The practice, the routine, the ritual I was finding myself in everything single day. Yoga was an invitation for me to put my mind at rest and to integrate healing with intention movement and mindful breathing. It immediately shifted the way I viewed my self, my life, and the world around me. The things I was learning was now not only limited to the behavioral patterns and synapses in the brain; it began to expand into the world of meridians, understanding the flow of energy, and non attachment. After about a year or so of embodying this ancient practice, I found tantra. Within tantra, I found deeper roots within myself that I had been running from. With both of these practices combined, I had the necessary tools to face my shadows. By shadows I mean deeply engrained child hood wounding, personal toxicity and insecurities, and anything else that may be too uncomfortable to bring to the surface. I was looking at myself with a new set of eyes. And through this revelation of self, I was able to release transform unravel. I was creating space not only within my mind, not only within my body, but quite literally within my soul as well. With this new spaciousness I found within myself, I was able to call more in. I gave myself permission to allow, to trust, to enjoy. To find ecstatic pleasure in all facets of life. Tantra also brought me onto the path of studying and practicing the art of sacred sexuality. This practice helped me understand that our sexuality is a powerful presence, that creates worlds and can guide us into higher realms of consciousness. It broadened my understanding that the power the we all store between our legs, at our root, is destined for so much more than what we have been conditioned to believe. It’s a portal of great intimacy, of expansive pleasure, and of feeling truly connected to yourself through all dimensions. Healing and deep connection takes place here, whether you are with yourself or with your partner(s). It helped me heal a lot of shame and trauma I was storing within this part of my life, It also gave me the invitation to explore more and realize it’s a channel to connecting to Divine Energy/Self. My love for psychology, my love assisting another human into healing and activation entirely shifted. I no longer believed that progress and expansion happened in the mind alone, by now I had experienced that our entire existence plays a powerful role in self actualization. My thought process of creating my own business was rooted in this: Giving People Insight into Deeper Layers of Themselves. I saw how much pranayama (breathing meditations), asanas (poses designed to strengthen and open the body), mindfulness (the art of being present), and tantra (the art of ecstatic awareness) transformed my life. And continues to do so everyday! I had to give this back. I have to give this back. My calling, my purpose feels deeply and joyously rooted in the continuation of my own healing and liberation while simultaneously being of service for others to do the same for themselves. I truly feel quite honored to be a part of such intimate aspects of another being’s life. I am grateful for what I have gone through, for what I have learned, for what I have embodied. I am grateful that with what I have received from this ancient practice I am able to give back and more.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
I am most proud of what I have overcome. I am proud to say that the younger version of me wouldn’t recognize or even believe the woman that stands before you today. And I am incredibly proud to be a beacon of light, inspiration, influence to other women and other survivors. I am proud that this is the beginning for me, and that already so much has shifted. I am grateful to be a part of the movement that gives others an opportunity to honor and embody themselves. I would say it took me roughly 4-5 years to be in this space now. The moment I started the practice myself, I knew I wanted to give it right back. I knew I wanted to be of service for others, the moment someone was of service for me. 2020 was the year I not only finalized my decision to start coaching, but to also take action and head in the direction of making that so. Before this, it was just sharing my thoughts online, sharing these practices with my girlfriends, and teaching yoga with a passion. Since this year has started, I have opened my doors time heart and energy into sitting down with others to help them navigate through their emotions and get in touch with who they truly are at their core. Some if has been easy, some of it has not been. Both have been transformational in their own ways. The challenges have come, I have found, through my own inner critic. Through my own resistance, and avoidance. My passion to be of service for other however reminds me that I first must be able to serve myself. I overcame this challenge through this: Desiring a life for others that I can also have for myself. Abraham HIcks said it best “I teach through the clarity of my own example”. So here I am being and doing, learning and teaching, guiding and following. Being guided through my heart mind soul and intuition. I desire for the world to intuitively know that we have everything we could ever possibly desire within us. As cliche as it may sound, I have found it to be true. I want the world to know that we all have access to healing, to bettering ourselves, to finding solitude within who we are – regardless of your background, your story, or their personal disbelief. Pleasure is our birthright, the world needs to know this. They also need insight that pleasure is not limited to sex, to the bedroom, to romantic rendezvous. No. Pleasure can be found in all that we do. It is found in discomfort, as well as within comfort. It is found within heartache, as well as within trust. It is found within anger jealous shame, as well within joy value pride. Everything that we experience, either within our world or as an extension of it, is an invitation to go deeper within ourselves. It is a door knock that brings whatever it may be to our attention so that we may unravel unlock and become everything we are divinely destined to be.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
Ha! This is such a wonky question for me because I am a major home body. And if I ever go out, it is for food and drinks – at no particular restaurant. Or to travelllllll. I’ll switch up the question for it to be more suiting for a fun response. A friend and I are visiting an area. Far from Dallas, Texas. The land is tropical. The Earth is vibrant, loud, incredibly present. We can stay mountain put or find our way at the ocean. We spend our week joyously going back and forth. Between listening to the hum of the land and the crash of the waves. We wake up early every morning to great the sunrise. We breathe together, drink tea, and move our bodies without thought. The food we eat is wholesome – sometimes bowls of fruit, sometimes plates of rice. Sometime pastries, sometimes sushi. We visit local areas that have live music. Where the band is enthusiastic and very human feels called to dance. We spend every moment of everyday engulfed in what is in front of us, around us, within us. We speak, we listen. We open up and through this deepening of our friendship: we cry, we laugh, we yell, we are silent. We hold hands, we give space. We just are. When the day ends, we gaze over the horizon to witness the sun set. We call it “watching the ball drop”. Every time it does, we cheer and jump and laugh. We sleep over blankets, beneath blankets. We sleep nude, and comfortable, and safely. We are in love. With each other, with the moment, with self, with life.

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
Sooo many people I have in my life to thank for where I am today. most importantly, My Mother. She is my soul mate, my best friend, my companion, and my greatest teacher. I am so grateful to have a woman as strong and as unconditional as her. Also my younger sister, Ali, and my soul mate, Johana – They brighten my life and bring me the utmost joy. Kendal Williams I have to thank. She is my tantra coach and was the first human I ever met that I felt safe with fully opening up to. She has helped me so much with feeling in touch with myself. I have learned so much through her. She is an excellent mentor, friend, and guide.

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