We had the good fortune of connecting with Ellie Gonzalez Stone and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Ellie, do you have a favorite quote or affirmation?
My favorite quote………It’s actually a saying that I made up, a motto for myself a long time ago when I lost my 1st nephew to a motorcycle accident. I had a necklace with 2 ring pendants, each had a word engraved on them, Love & Miracles. I didn’t understand how significant those 2 words would become to me for the rest of my life until losing my nephew. It was the first time I had felt such a tragic loss and grief to that magnitude. It was the disbelief of a nightmare that would not end. It was hearing my Father say to me over and over through this, “Be Strong for your Sister and your Mother.” I remember feeling numb while still feeling pain. Watching my oldest sister go through losing her first born Son and the family mourning was one of the single most significant moments in my life. I wrote his eulogy. It was in writing that eulogy that I understood that in life’s most horrific and tragic moments, in the loss of my nephew – that God would leave LOVE & MIRACLES in his place. That as tragic as life had become at that moment, that there were still Love & Miracles for me to find in life, even in those dark days. That loss happened almost 16 years ago. I carry that motto with in. It’s burned into my heart and soul. It is something I try to remember and live my life by when life gets tough. It’s a way to honor my nephew’s memory. “No Matter What Happens In Life, God Will Always Leave Love & Miracles For You To Find”. i live by that. I love by that.

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
I LOVE everything creative. Whether it be photography, poetry, painting, drawing, playing guitar or producing shows for The Denton Vibe With Diva Girl Ellie or my Lost Poet Lounge events. I simply LOVE being creative and artistic. What do I not have my hands in, artistically? I started drawing and writing poetry at a young age, I LOVED to sing (although, I was a big chicken). I studied photography all through school, worked in a nationally known professional commercial photo-lab, I used to do concert photography and to this day, it’s still a RUSH! In college, I was inspired to paint my first acrylic painting after being inspired by my Art-History Professor at UNT. Since then, I have not stopped painting. Poetry is my therapy and my release. My poetry are my real emotions being spilled upon my paper. One of my favorite things to do is to produce my shows for The Denton Vibe with Diva Girl Ellie and Lost Poet Lounge. I get to wear a different hat. I get to seek out talent and passion for the arts and I get to share that with my world! To me that is so profoundly rewarding! There are so many beautifully talented souls in this world and it’s my job to find them and share their talent and be a creative uplifting, supportive spirit on their journey! Getting to The Denton Vibe With Diva Girl Ellie or Lost Poet Lounge….. I lived in Dallas, Texas since we moved from Chicago. I wa about 4 years old and lived in Dallas until I moved to Denton about 16 years years ago. Dallas is a HUGE part of who I am and Denton is now a part of who I have become. I remember always thinking I would have a blast as a radio DJ or show host. One day, I noticed a new window on the Denton Square that caught my eye, it was the glass window to the radio studio booth for Denton Radio. I could see the Radio personality in the booth and was really excited how fun in looked. I remember turning to my husband at that time, boyfriend and saying. “I am going to be in that radio booth one day!” I am so thankful that it did happen! How did I get there? I had such a challenging transition from Dallas to Denton. Dallas had everything – including my entire family, cousins and all! Moving to Denton, where I knew no one except my husband, then boyfriend at that time was a HUGE culture shock. Denton was slower paced at that time. I was separated from the family i was so close to. I had no one to share my creative passions with. It was like starting from ground zero. I was starting to feel creatively lonely. So, I took a step out to create my new Denton family. Getting involved in activities or creative events and eventually it led to me creating Lost Poet Lounge, a poetic collective that performed at our local businesses. Lost Poet Lounge enabled me to open the door with my community and get to know people on a personal level here in my town. Denton is an amazing place to live. I always found it so odd to live somewhere, where ANY place you went around town, you KNEW someone! Always a friendly face where ever you went. Also, the support here from the community is AMAZING and LOVING! What do I want the world to know about me and my brand? The Denton Vibe With Diva Girl Ellie or Diva Girl Ellie as some know me or even Lost Poet Lounge – I want people to know that there is always going to be a genuine supporter of the arts in me! I love what I do and I want people to feel that when they sit down with me for my interviews. I don’t ever want them to feel like “material” – rather than to share a common experience and passion for what they do! I want them to feel the genuine nature of being with me on my show and I want them to feel truly welcomed, at ease and happy. I want them to have fun! I love it when my guest artists succeed and I try to be as supportive as possible! I always tell my guests that i am SO LUCKY because i get to meet to many amazing people but I am always so passionate about them as artists and am lucky to call them friends!

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
Oh my! This is going to require some tennis shoes to run around our town! Haha! Denton is such a FUN TOWN! Let me prove it! Food, Shopping, Entertainment! Let the fun begin! Any day of the week is a good day for shopping! And I do mean some SERIOUS Shopping! Some of my FAVORITE local places to shop and get some really cool items are at Denton Trading Company – I have purchased furniture, gifts, decor from DTC! They have a very modern-chic look to what they bring into the store! It’s a MUST! Sleeping Lizzards is one of the BEST gift shops in town for unique items. Jewelry, Denton T-Shirts, Bags! So colorful and different! Juliet’s Jewels is a MUST as well – owner Dawa travels to Nepal and other areas to get her Merch! She hand picks EVERYTHING in her shop! It has a world vibe and has some of the most amazing clothing pieces from Nepal/Thailand – as well as beautiful Jewelry! Norman Rosco is our next stop – and you will find ALL your fun Denton T-shirts printed and sold here! Stickers, Candles, Poster Art – this is one of the places to stop! Down a hop from Norman Roscoe is a place I like to call my other home, The Discover Denton Welcome Center – which houses ALL KINDS of items from your local Denton, Denton County Artists – as well as my studio booth for Denton Radio and my show The Denton Vibe With Diva Girl Ellie. It’s hard to go in EVERY TUESDAY to go LIVE with my show and not want to shop every time I am in there! Some of the cutest Texas and Denton collectables! Worth checking it out! Don’t forget to Stop at Atomic Candy for a blast to your past in a Candy & Sweets Experience! The place is completely so cool and has some of the most vintage candies ever! Remember the Astro-Pop?! Beth Marie’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream is famous for it’s ice-cream for a reason – my ABSOLUTE favorite: Butter Brickle! Let’s not forget our absolute FAVORITE restaurants and watering holes! My all time TOP places for a bite are Milpa Kitchen & Cuisine – They have THE BEST fruit infused drinks HANDS DOWN! Tell George Diva Girl Ellie sent you! My cozy spot for Mediterranean Cuisine is The Green Zatar – their food is simply divine and I feel like I am family when I walk in! Their Chicken Salad is so fresh that I could eat it every day! Khao San is a place like no other in Denton, you almost don’t feel like you are in Denton. Thai food in a cool ambience with cool music and great food! Try the money bags! You cannot come to Denton without eating from a Food Truck and that means Austin St. and the food trucks! Freddy’s Tacos is the best Street Tacos in town! I don’t know what Freddy does to those tortillas but man, those tacos are the best! For your unique dining experiences or a really nice date night: Hannah’s Off The Square is a legit date place, The Green House for bites and music, classy place for classy dates or some chill hang time. You have to grab a slice of Margherita Pizza from good Ol’ J&J’s Pizza – OMG! Ask for extra tomatoes – OMG! Gotta keep going so grab yourself some coffee from some of the best coffee houses in town – my personal favorite- Jupiter House! White Chocolate Mocha please – yes, and thank you! And snap a Selfie – because their place is so cool! Another Iconic stop on the square would include Recycled Records – it’s an experience – trust me – go! Now head on down a block from the square to one of my favorite back yards – EASTSIDE! if you want to know where all the Dentonites go to gather – you will find them here! Say hello to John and his most amazing staff because they are the reason this place is ThE BEST! Gotta chill in their yard for drinks and those food trucks are right there for ya! Next to Eastside is my OTHER favorite place – Miss Angeline’s! A little more of mod decor vibe – velvet couches, mod decor – it’s a GREAT place to spend time socializing with your friends and a drink on one of the nicest patios! And for that secret spot that most wont find – you have to stop at Paschall Bar – I won’t tell you where it’s at – but it’s SO worth the find! It’s a hidden Denton treasure and one of the coolest Denton places – their vibe is everything! For Live shows, which is basically all day – every day in Denton – you have to go to Harvest House (also a bar with a food truck) SCORE! It’s natural outdoor environment is what draws everyone – on top of the AMAZING shows they put on here! Don’t forget Dan’s Silverleaf – for that intimate show experience and you have to stop at Steve’s Wine Bar for an authentic Jazz experience! I could keep going – but I think we just shopped till we dropped then had drinks and food to boot! Come to Denton! You will love our DENTON VIBE 😉

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I would love to share some love & recognition to a few people! First and foremost, my biggest fan, right-hand man, my sound guy, my tech guy/ gear man, my cheerleader, my constant support, my biggest promoter and also always inspiring, always encouraging and motivating HUSBAND, Uriah Stone. Uriah is the force behind me always reminding me what I am capable of, why I am unique, believing in me and my ability and talents and reminds me to challenge myself and push my boundaries. He is the best friend that gets excited for me when I achieve and celebrates alongside with me! This journey would not be what it is, without him and I will FOREVER be grateful for his undying love and support in me. My family – has always encouraged me in SO many ways, creatively, artistically – pushing for a better opportunity for me! My Denton Radio Family – Jake Laughlin provided an opportunity and believed in me and my creation of The Denton Vibe with Diva Girl Ellie. Denton Radio has a special place in my heart as well as the City of Denton and the Creative Community! It’s so special and unique and has been such a blessing to be a real DENTONITE! The many artists, musicians, poets, writers, creatives of my community! The Denton Vibe With Diva Girl Ellie wouldn’t exist without my amazing guests that are booked each week! I am so BLESSED to be going on my THIRD YEAR with The Denton Vibe With Diva Girl Ellie on Denton Radio! It’s been so much fun and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

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