We asked some of the brightest folks in the community to open up to us about the most important lesson their business or career has taught them. We’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Dean Berman | Paintless Dent Repair and Ceramic Specialist

NEVER QUIT. At first, you will feel like an imposter because there is so much unknown, and in fact, some will even doubt you for even starting. NEVER QUIT. Along the way, you will have many failures, but you can NEVER QUIT. You will have moments of success, followed by humbling lows, but you must NEVER QUIT. You will be tired from long days, exhausted from problem solving, and ache from head to toe, but you…must…NEVER QUIT. You will laugh harder than you ever have and experience pain from your deepest core. But it WILL become easy to remember, to NEVER QUIT. If it is important to you, then you only have one choice…NEVER QUIT. Read more>>

Desmond Williams | Entrepreneur, Music Artist, Actor, & Influncer

The most important lesson my business/career has taught me, is to always trust the vision no matter how long to takes longevity is key. The process to success is a slow grind, just stick with it. All of the hard work will eventually pay off. Also be open minded to new ideas. As an entrepreneur I had to learn this early on. Mistakes are only learning lessons to get better. Read more>>

DJ Raspy | Female DJ & Motivational Speaker

I am an avid music lover and the designated party “hype man!” So, I have always had the spirit a DJ! The only thing that was left was to get some DJ equipment and my life would never be the same! When I first became a DJ in 2017, I had no idea what the DJ industry was like. As I became more immersed in the culture I began to notice that not only were female DJs outnumbered but the stereotypes and ideas about them were mainly negative. Read more>>

Miesha Keaton-Stoglin | CEO Beauty By Mink’s Cosmetics

“When I first started creating lipgloss, I was so excited! I bought all of the products that I thought I needed and went to work! Lol, I thought it was so easy and boy was I wrong! I made a batch of lipgloss and was under the impression that I did everything right. I created different color lip gloss and began filling my empty tubes (with no label or logo, might I add). I quickly realized that I had measurements all wrong, too much of this and not enough of that. I filled about 100 tubes and the formulas were ALL WRONG! Read more>>