Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us. Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Adelaide Joy | fashion model and actress

the one thing i would say outsiders are unaware of in the modeling industry is the timing of things. this was one thing i was not expecting when i started modeling. Most of the time when you get booked for a show the show is not for another month or more and the bigger the show the further out you booked to getting booked up to nine moths in advance. the only times i have not been booked at least three weeks in advance is when i was booked last minuet and it was in one to two days. That not the only part about the timing of the industry that surprised me. Read more>>

Kiran Kaur | CEO & a Full time mother of two

The Word “natural skin care” is a very loose term and many seem to have a different understanding of it. When I created my brand, “Body Care by Kiran”, I created it wanting to define what “natural skincare” meant. Products that are free of artificial fragrance, artificial dyes, additives/fillers or parabens is what natural skincare should be, or rather, be without. The natural skin care industry is growing rapidly but something to take into consideration is that every company’s product will feel different than the other. Read more>>

Dominique D. Wilson | Holistic Yoni Care Practitioner & Women’s Circle Leader

One thing about the feminine care industry that outsiders are probably unaware of is the importance of the menstrual cycle as it pertains to women’s overall health. By outsiders, I am referring to anyone who may be unaware that the purpose and function of the menstrual cycle extends far beyond sexual reproduction. Read more>>