If you had a million dollars to invest right now, how would you deploy that capital?

Kris & Kelley Denby | Creative duo behind Hemlock & Heather

That’s an easy one: we would invest into the manufacturing of our one-of-a-kind designs. We would also invest in our marketing and advertising efforts, as well as a few other designs for soft goods that we’ve been working on. Read more>>

Francisca Limon | Business Owner & Chef

If I had $1 million to invest right now during this pandemic, I would not have the necessity of cutting down the hours to our employees in both of our restaurants. Also let them know, that we can survive together more now that the government is not helping the whole community. Read more>>

Eddie Rhodman, Jr. | Business and Entertainment Consultant

I would invest $1 million dollars right now into commercial real estate deals involving a hotelier successful company in whose next hotel development in a prime geographical location, a commercial retail petroleum gas station company owned by a board member and his successful brand, tech, and into my personal business Rhodman Enterprises. Finally, I sow a seed and pay it forward to a startup or minority business owner. Read more>>

Jennifer Wax | Wedding Photographer

If I had a million dollars right now, I would start with opening up a studio. Living in Texas the weather is always unpredictable and you never know when you need to bring your sessions inside. Not having my own studio makes my options very limited not to mention it changes up the style I like giving my clients. Having my own studio wont just give me a new location option, but it will also giving me the opportunity to branch out from doing just weddings and I will get to start providing boudoir on a more regular bases. Read more>>

Dr. April Givens | Psychotherapist

My nonprofit organization Urban Counseling Clique’s mission is to provide counseling for youth and their families. If I had $1 million dollars to invest right now I would use the money to start a motivational boot camp for kids ages 5 and up. I would acquire some land where a facility can be designed for this purpose. We will set up fun exercises and activities to teach kids coping skills, anger management techniques, and life skills. This camp will serve as a place where children will build social skills, learn assertiveness training, emotion regulation, and leadership skills. Read more>>