Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Tammy Kotara | Cottage Baker

The word success can have so many different interpretations! I’m a small business mom who recently left her career as a music educator to dedicate more time for my son’s special needs at home. As a mom, success is in that work-life balance (still chasing this one), where I can be invested in helping my son and find personal fulfillment in creating something for others. As a small business owner, the resiliency of never giving up, hard, gritty, exhausting work, the never-ending creativity of being an entrepreneur, and the connections I’m making with my community all contribute to the growth and success of my cottage bakery. Read more>>

Ivette Moreno | Owner of Maestra Creations

The most important factor behind the success of my brand lies behind the time I’ve invested in relationship building and helping the crafting community be successful, too. An often overlooked part of business is relationship building which includes answering social media comments, direct messages, having genuine conversations, and going live. Three years ago, when I first started implementing these strategies, my business started growing. I receive so many messages daily from others thanking me because not a lot of businesses take the time to build relationships like we do. Read more>>

Susan Eichhorn-Young | Voice Teacher & Consultant

I guess it would be, or at least I hope it would be, my passion and commitment to the individual every step of the way in their journey with me. I work hard to create safety and trust and strive tirelessly to see each individual fully and mirror what they need, in order for each person to continue to grow and reveal their authenticity. Read more>>

Harley Schuder | Insurance Agent

If I had to elaborate on the most vital factor that I associate my success with it would have to be remaining kind in an actively cruel world. I was raised by a strong, driven woman who has overcome obstacles in each phase of her life to reach the next level with class and grace. Beside her, a businessman who doesn’t only demand the best for his family but designed a life that revolves around his family. Because of the simplicity of my parents morals I have grown to desire a similar core values, naturally. Read more>>

Rutanya Sellers | CEO/President of Noble Haven Inc.

The Most High God is the most important factor behind the success of Noble Haven Inc. If it wasn’t for the Lord God Almighty keeping me through some of the hardest times in my life…I never would have made it! It was the Lord God that gave me the vision for Noble Haven Inc and the power to execute! Having a real and true relationship with The Heavenly Father will put you ahead in life and business. Read more>>

Stefani Stefani | mPower Physical Therapy- Owner and Physical Therapist

I got started because of my frustration with healthcare and how corporations treated staff. We were having to do more and more due to insurance demanding more paperwork, and with reimbursements going down, corporations were demanding more as well. I just got frustrated and burned out. I was told that starting a cashed based, out of network physical therapy office would not work. I was told by my last job that no one would pay for it. And ultimately drove me to prove them wrong. And I did. We have grown 30% year after year even in a pandemic. Read more>>

Renadja Taylor | Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Cosmetic Injector, and Body Sculptor

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is my mission statement. “One on one customized care, with you the individual in mind. Taylor made just for you and your needs”. This rings true to me. Everyone is different and unique, why go somewhere where your treated like everyone else. With me your special, and I’m focused on you during your session with me. Let me help you see the difference. Read more>>

Alexis Regalado | Personal Trainer

The success of my brand comes from the confidence and consistency I pour into it. My passion doesn’t only revolve around fitness. I take a lot of pride in leading by example and lifting others up. Knowing that there are people who need a positive light in their lives pushes me to continue to shine my light. My clients believe in me to be that person for them, leaving them a very important factor in my businesses success as well. Without my clients who allow me to impact their lives, I would not be here able to tell you about it! Read more>>

Brian Rhoades | Owner, Lead Instructor, and CLP

The most important factor behind icon contours success has been a constant desire to be better. Comfortability has never been a priority, we have remained results driven and focused on bettering our brand each and every day Read more>>

Jaclyn King | Owner, Old Flame Candle Co.

Oh wow, it feels like so many elements aided in our success, really. Early-on in my career and, then, later working on different business concepts as an entrepreneur, I found myself going in a multitude of directions, stretching myself thin between too many ideas, never honing in on one concept or skill long enough to develop it properly. It was while working as an interior designer that it finally hit me: I had a need and a passion to fuse beautiful vintage vessels with incredible. luxe scented candles. In my client’s homes, as well as my own, there were too many lovely smelling, expensive candles that I would “hide” inside beautiful containers, only to toss the original candle vessel after burning. It felt unnecessary and wasteful. Read more>>

Brianna Cunningham | 325 Photography

As an extroverted people person, I pride myself on the relationships I build with clients and the customer service that is provided to any and every client or potential client. I graduated with a bachelors degree in hospitality management and believe that has also contributed to the customer service focus of me and my business. Every single client is treated with respect and love, which I believe, has led to my client retention percentage. I love every family and couple that I photograph, and without the focus and importance on cultivating each of those relationships, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Read more>>

Carolina Garza | Flawlessbycaro Pro Makeup & Hair Artist

My strength Ana positive mind set. I wake up every day with the goal of empowering women threw my work we talk about struggles and goals and I get to encourage them threw beauty to believe in themselves and never give up on their dreams. My obstacles have made me stronger. They have helped me believe in myself. I truly believe that in order to succeed you need to work hard and persevere. Read more>>

Josiah Garcia | Lead Pastor – Endurance Church

The most important factor behind the success of myself and our church is who we are – endurance. Since the inception of Endurance Church we have learned to persevere through the ups and the downs that we have faced. It has been endurance, the ability to withstand and sustain that has brought about our success and growth as a church. In leading Endurance Church I never imagined that the name of our church would be a factor that would be essential to my success as a husband, father, pastor and leader. Read more>>

Candace Duplessis | Blogger & Youtuber

I believe there are many factors that have molded my success story. The main factor being God! A huge part of who I am is my relationship with him, and he has shown me that even in times of doubt or fear, he’s with me and working things out. Through that, I’ve also learned to never give up. That’s probably the second most important factor in my success. Keeping the faith, knowing that what is for you, is for you. No matter what the next person has, or what the next person does; despite all of the people who confirm your self doubts and worries, keep pushing forward. I can say that now, because I’ve been through it. It’s easy to become discouraged when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, but remembering who you are, and standing firm on knowing where you’re going is the most important. Stay true to who you are, stand up for what you believe in, put trust in God, then walk with your head high. Read more>>

Michelle Holsworth | Cookie Artist & Lead Baker, Cookie Momsta DFW

It’s all in the details. You probably have heard the phrase “the devil is in the details”, or “god is in the details”. I believe that whole-heartedly! Good things — and bad things — are discovered when you really get down to details and pay attention to the small things. Throughout my career(s) in the creative industries, I’ve learned that attention paid to small things has big rewards. I am definitely a details type of girl. The small things that may go unnoticed by themselves play a huge role on the overall impact of a product. With cookies, for example, I hear from many people about having tried [other] beautiful-looking cookies, but they tasted awful, but my cookies are both beautiful and taste delicious. Read more>>