Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Nancy Reza | Managing Director

Faith, Discipline, dedication, and love for what we do from the very beginning, that is what highlights our concept and our brand and it’s what separates us from other Taquerias in DFW. Working as a team, starting from the kitchen up to the administrative level. Being responsible with what we want our brand to represent not only to our customers but to all of our vendors as well. In addition, we are not a traditional family owned taqueria, we cater to different groups of people. We use social media advertising and word of mouth to reach different ethnic and socio-economic groups. All of these factors have helped our business and brand grow tremendously in a year. Read more>>

Theresa Cronin | Owner – Twee Bird Shop

Not to be too cliche, but I really believe you have to not care what anyone will think about what you are doing. Fear will hold you back from taking a chance! I know a few years ago I would have been way too self conscious to put myself out there in this way. You have to shut off the little whisper in your head saying, “Will people even like this?” , “What if people make fun of me?”, “Are my instagram posts annoying?!” , and just go for it ! Who cares! Read more>>

Eric Venegas | Graphic Designer & Educator

We have a saying in the visual communication industry, “you’re only as good as your last job.” Most designers interpret this phrase to mean that we must constantly strive to improve our artistic skills and advance the profession of graphic design. However, I see things a little differently. What is a brand? When the average person uses the word brand, most people think of a logo, product, or packaging – specifically how it looks. While these visuals are essential to distinguishing one company and its products from another, they are not a brand. Read more>>

Geordian Abel | Owner & Buyer

With Flourish in Frills I believe there are a couple moving parts that have lead to success this past year since we launched. Authenticity- I try to be as real and raw as I can be with my customers on social media to where they feel like they know me on a personal basis and I am not just the sales girl or owner behind the brand. Consistency- some weeks have been easier than others, but I have consistently showed up every single week and had the same routine. Passion- I am extremely passionate about my business and serving our customers diligently which comes from wholeheartedly loving what I do. Read more>>

Sarah McLain | Owner/Operator

One of the most important factors behind our success is our foundation of community. We strive to create community in a fitness environment that is positive and everyone feels welcome. We want every member to feel seen and successful. It is a culture that we hope is synonymous with the Sweat Project brand. Read more>>