We asked some of the city’s leading artists and creatives to tell us about how they decided to pursue an artistic or creative career. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Anthony Cedano | Real Estate Professional, Fitness Instructor, Professional Model (Please include Cody Pena, teammate of mine in TACREG somewhere if you can)

At the Anthony Cedano Real Estate Group, our team as a whole has a mindset to achieve more. We continue to expand our knowledge as professionals, assist all clients with their RE needs no matter what they may be, make it a priority to personally connect with our clients in a relational manner. We thrive on growing our business and team by trying to find as many families as possible to help. We never forget the main goal at hand. Which is, People over Profits which aligns perfectly with our brokerage, Rogers Healy and Associates Real Estate! Read more>>

Genevieve Chavez | Self-Actualization Guide & Podcaster

The power of speaking your truth. OverShare is dedicated to providing quality content about the importance of mental health. Telling your story or speaking your truth is the most important factor that contributes to the success of the podcast. The power of emotional storytelling highlights several mental health issues that our society is dealing with but reluctant to talk about. OverShare focuses on an array of topics such as affirmations, self-talk, boundaries, the power of failure, resilience and many more. At the heart of all my episodes is an individual’s story and the journey they have been on. Read more>>

Vanessa Hammonds | REALTOR®?

Building genuine relationships. Networking these days is so calculated and shallow. I make it a point to connect on another level with most of my clients so we can talk about more than just Real Estate. I learn enough about my clients and associates to follow their journeys and support their goals outside of Real Estate. Read more>>


For me, I became an artist because I loved bringing other people’s dreams and projects to life. I would love to say the success lies in the money, but frankly, any artistic job like this one doesn’t render in a fortune. My success lies fully in the smile and excitement on a client’s face when I finish their art piece. It brings me joy and is what keeps me excited about being an artist. Read more>>

Angie Brantley | TenThirtyFive Founder/ Executive Director

Prayer has been the vehicle that has allowed our program to thrive while opening a thrift store in the middle of a pandemic, when people were encouraged to buy most of their goods online. In a season for all of us that has left so much uncertainty, we knew we wanted to encourage the young women that needed it most with a place to feel adored, beautiful and confident. Read more>>

Megan Burns | AEMT, LVN, LE

The most important factor to me has been consistent and superior customer service. We have all heard of “The Golden Rule”, right? I often think of this rule when caring for others. I am a consumer as well and I strive hard to create the same experience that I would like to receive. I really try to place myself in the clients shoes. Read more>>

Jackie Casiano | Maker & Owner, Wicks & Wonder Candle Co.

I think the most important factor behind my success is my realization that people like to support others that are genuine. My small business is a direct reflection of me and I think that people can see it want to get on board with what I’m trying to do, which is create quality home fragrance with minimal waste in mind. Once I realized that I only need to be myself and rely on my own instincts, it was easier for me to grow as a business and make meaningful connections with customers and partners. Read more>>

B. $upreme | Clothing & Retail

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is networking and consistency. Since my entrepreneurial career, I’ve realized that having like minded individuals in your corner will propel your business forward faster than just utilizing your own individual opinions. I believe that vision without execution is hallucination, so when granted opportunities to participate in workshops, fashion shows, photoshoots, branding expos, or holiday events, that allows me to broaden my perspective and accept constructive feedback from the network of creators. Read more>>