TV, Movies, and culture in general sometimes paints a narrow, specific image of what success is, but we know from our conversations with some of the best and brightest that success can mean vastly different things to different people

Mychi McGraw | Makeup Artist

Success to me is knowing that a client feels a little more empowered when we leave each other. Their enjoyment of our experience together is paramount and the positive energy created is important to me. When it comes to business, word of mouth reference is the most meaningful. When it comes to my clients, hearing that they enjoyed our experience together makes it all worth while. Read more>>

Shae Searight | Owner & Creator

As society defines it or Webster’s definition? Society tells us we should have a certain type of car, number of followers, money etc in order to be deemed successful. I am here to tell you success is internally defined and is measured on what one can accomplish based on the goals that have been set. I also deem my successes as “wins”. One day a win will be cleaning my craft room, on another day it can be organizing my tools, another is simply saying, “I’m not doing anything today”. The mentioned instances gained no monetary value and that’s okay. Mentally, I accomplished some tasks that I have been putting off for days or weeks so in hindsight, I won. By internally defining success (wins) based off my needs and goals it helps me maintain balance, quality of life and most importantly mental health. Read more>>

Katie Onitiri-Hageman | Psychotherapist

Success is measured by your passion to keep going through the ups & downs. Read more>>

Inbal Baum | Founder and CEO, Delicious Experiences and Delicious Israel

I feel the tangible “YES!!!” of success when I have created a win-win-win situation. For me this has meant that my clients are winning because they have a need filled and receive the best possible service and experience. WIN! For my chefs/culinary experts it means that they are getting gainful and meaningful employment doing what they love. WIN! For the small businesses that we are able to support in the products that we purchase to send to our guests, that also feels like a win. And for myself, in having created the business and circumstances that allow all of these winning moments to happen, in itself is a huge win!. Read more>>

Mayank Sharma | Senior Analyst, Wize Academy

Success to me is being in harmony with the work I am doing and a healthy mind. Success to me is also to accept my failures and moving beyond them and in the process gaining valuable experiences. I would define success also as having a growth mindset in life so that you are constantly learning and improving. Read more>>