We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

Tyler Adams | Natural Care Products & Healer

Back in 2016 I was going through a lot far as depression, I gained over 100lbs, being lost & confused, dealing with a terrible sickness (that couldn’t be identified other than being compared to endometriosis) and lack of self love. I realize I was in a dark place, I didn’t care about nothing but drinking, smoking, I wanted to get out of being stuck and feeling shitty, so I started to show myself love. Once I started doing so I noticed how my confidence started building up, I started talking, walking, and just all out moving different. So I thought to myself somebody out there is going through what you went through and they need some help, someone to show them the way out of darkness and into their light, so this is my way of showing my people the right way of how to treat yourself, how to love yourself, and how to take care of yourself. Read more>>

Cindy Rojas | Entreprenuer

I, like a lot of women in this world, underwent a marriage I was no longer happy in, I was a mother to beautiful children that needed me and demanded my attention. With all these mundane responsibilities in mind, I knew I had to step it up as a women that I am, and manifest my best life. This included my own brand and business. My personal life inspired my entrepreneurial journey and changed my outlook and perspective towards life and business as well. I have been able to utilize what I have learned as a mother and everything else that I am outside of my business, as a tool and resource for my brands growth and expansion, from employing, firing, and everything in between. It has been a beautiful journey. Read more>>

Kristen Anne Richard | Fiber Artist & Owner of Kristen Anne Fibers

In the midst of many life altering changes, the desk job that had been keeping me in my safety net was no longer enough to get me up everyday. For the first time in years I was deciding to become an active participant in my own life. Stepping out & leaving behind all the securities I had become too used to in order to venture into a business where I am honestly still learning my craft every day was the beginning of me learning to want the uncomfortable & to always follow the dreams that make me the most nervous to go after. This business was built on the foundation of no longer being a bystander in our own lives, & serves as my daily reminder to not just dream but to actually be. Read more>>

Mary Elizabeth Kakales | Calligrapher, Stationary Designer, Graduate Student

When I left teaching and began grad school, I suddenly found myself resting for the first time since I began working three years before. While teaching, I worked almost sixty hours a week, but as a graduate student, I was only required to be in class for twelve. This slower pace was a privilege and a gift, but I found myself itching to use my free time productively and get back to the working world. I started looking around for part time work, and I was able to work in an exercise studio, help out with a chocolate chip cookie start up, and substitute at different schools in the Dallas area. Read more>>

Rafaela Orlando | Makeup Artist & Educator

I got to a point where I finally realized a 9-5 wasn’t for me. I am creative and artistic. Being behind a desk was not my cup of tea. After years of contemplating, I made the decision that if I wanted to be happy in my professional life, I would have to do something I was passionate about. Read more>>

Kate Sokolov | Co-Founder, Social Goods

As activists and shoppers, we wanted to create a place that offered bold, hopeful, and statement-making products that all gave back to nonprofits. Merging my background in politics and social impact with my Co-Founder (and sister!) Lisa’s in fashion and merchandising, we founded Social Goods to be that destination. We believe merchandise can act as a catalyst for change — a way to get people to start talking and keep talking about the issues that matter most to them. On Social Goods our customers can find products that help them showcase what they’re passionate about while also supporting the nonprofits working on those issues. To date, we’ve supported over 50 nonprofits working in areas such as women’s rights, civic engagement, equality, mental health awareness, environmental protection, humanitarian aid, education and the arts. Read more>>

Monica J. Cortez | Mom, Writer, Speaker, Wellness Advisor, Business Consultant

Honestly, I did not want to do it. I come from a background of entrepreneurs specifically in the restaurant industry and musicians industry. It is a lot of work and sacrifice. It was definitely not an atmosphere I wanted to raise my children in. But there was just so much more aching to come out of me as I sat behind the desk at my corporate position. I really didn’t care what it was going to take to pursue what it was I just knew corporate America was not for me. Read more>>

Esmeralda Vargas | DFW Realtor

There were a couple of reasons why I decided to start a business in real estate but mainly for the freedom and flexibility to work my own schedule and be able to help others. For years, I thought I wanted to practice law and I pursued my degree in Criminology while working in the legal field. I worked at a law firm focused on government collection matters then at the District Attorney’s office working with Child Protective Service cases. I began my real estate journey in 2015, but put it on hold because I wasn’t ready to take that leap of faith. It’s been a long, tough road but I learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way. Now I know that Real Estate and helping people is my Real passion. Read more>>

Nydia Davis | CEO of The Pickle Diller’s

My husband Shawn and I always talked about starting our own business. During the beginning of the pandemic I was craving some Koolaid pickles. I searched online but shipping was forever and I didn’t feel like driving to Dallas. I decided to make some for myself and I posted a photo on Facebook and the rest was history, it was our new beginning of turning our dream into our reality. Read more>>

Shreena Shah | Home Baker, Dessert Chef

From my early childhood, the society, school and environment programmed me with the belief that success meant good grades, great job, own a house and live by status quo. I worked in the corporate world for a couple of years but back of my mind I knew I wanted to do something different and I was not cut for a 9 to 5 job. I always had passion for baking and explored making new desserts from my teenage years. A few years back when i was thinking what to do, it struck to me that nothing better than following my passion for baking and desserts. Read more>>

Aisha Byrd | CEO & Baker

The idea for my dog bakery was inspired by the love and dedication I have for my dogs Benjamin and Reese. I began baking Benjamin’s treats and birthday cakes to ensure that I could provide natural healthy treats for him since he had a very sensitive stomach along with allergies. I baked their treats 14 years and decided that I wanted to provide other fur parents the opportunity to feed their dogs natural gluten free treats. I have perfected recipes that are delicious for dogs and also protect them against obesity and diabetes. Read more>>

Melissa Agu-Udemba | Owner, MA Designs

I’ve always known I wanted to build something for myself and be successful at it, I just needed to find out what I was passionate about. I had entered in an extremely low moment in my life and struggled with my mental health. My counselor told me to focus on things that I liked and to gain new hobbies. I knew I was really great at crafts, home decorating and just turning items into beautiful things! That blossomed into wreath making and other handmade items that I became good at. Then one day my husband dragged me to a workshop with him. I am not someone who can sit still for a long period of time, so I began doodling and thinking and dreaming. I came up with MA Designs right then and there. I nudged my husband and said “I want to do this!”. It’s amazing to me how God can give you an inspiration in the midst of some of your lowest moments. Even at your bottom, He is never done with you! Read more>>

Jesse Johnson & Brian Gaddis | DFW Metroplex Bubble Ball

We realized that bubble ball was an emerging trend with definite long-term benefits. Having a background in sports and recreation gave us the spark to be entrepreneurial in this regard. Once we saw this company was for sale, we hopped on it! Read more>>

Eugenia Marks | Freelance Makeup Artist

I would have never thought that my business would be where it is today. I’ve always had a passion for cosmetics and helping people. I thought that my passion for cosmetics was just a hobby so I started pursuing my bachelors in sociology to do just that. It didn’t matter what arena I was helping people, they all seemed to have questions that were beauty related. So I started answering those questions. I then went from answering those questions to doing makeup for close family and friends. Read more>>

Monek’ Smith | Cookier

I’m a stay at home mom with two elementary-age kiddos. While that’s a full time job in itself, I had been considering and searching for a “side hustle” for several years. I wanted something that would allow me to be home with and available to my kids but that might help subsidize the cost of the private school my kids attend. Meanwhile, I knew a couple of local cookiers (that’s what we call ourselves!) and was fascinated with the cookies they were making. For fun, I decided to take a beginner’s cookie class and about halfway through that class, I knew I had found exactly what I had been looking for! I started selling cookies to my friends about a month later and shortly thereafter started getting online requests from strangers. Two and a half years into my cookie biz, I’m booked 8-10 weeks out, I’m substantially contributing to my kids’ tuition, and I absolutely love what I do! Read more>>

Vivia Charles | Chef/Owner/Entrepreneur

We are an entrepreneurial family, For the past three decades our family has been business owners.. One of those businesses have been a restaurant in Northern Virginia. The largest impetus in starting a restaurant in Waco Texas was divine guidance. Business is one of the greatest builders of community and in our research we found that Waco was fertile soil not to build a promising restaurant but also to assist in redevelopment of East Waco. Food has always been a way to bring people together. So, this The foundation of Tru Jamaica.. If you build it they will come “ Field of Dreams”. Read more>>

Adam Zuñiga-Blain | Hair Color Specialist

I became an independent Hair Color Specialist in August 2020. I was initially inspired to become self employed after attending Serious Business in January 2020, a business conference for hairdressers in New Orleans. There I heard Lorean Cairns’ approach to single booking and how if you have the time to give your clients a quality one-on-one experience then you should. My previous experience as a Hair Color Specialist in DFW over the past almost decade was about servicing as many guests a day as I possibly could. Read more>>