We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

John Cityskateproject.com | Skater

I was tired of buying clothes with the same few skate brands and it wasn’t doing much to help my local skateboarding scene. Read more>>

Dave Logan | Founder and CEO, Onli Travel

There were two factors. First, I wanted to do a startup. I’d had a successful career but had never done entirely my own thing. Second, I had an idea! On a trip to Sioux Falls, SD in January, they made me gate check my bag. When I got to Sioux Falls, it was below zero, and I had to wait on the tarmac for over 20 minutes to get my bag. (Of course, my jacket was in my bag!) As I shivered, I thought, “Why can’t someone design a modular bag, so you could take it apart if the plane was crowded, and not be forced to gate-check it?” I checked, and no one had done this… so I applied for a patent and started the company. Read more>>

Ginnie Donald | Owner/Operator

I decided to start my own business because of my desire for serving people and the community. I chose food as it the one thing the unites people from all walks of life, it is the one thing that makes us all happy. I began cooking very early age. My grandmother ensured that I was in the kitchen helping to prepare our family meals daily. After being in the food industry for most of my life, it only made since to start my own food business, giving me the creative control to really tantalize my customers tastes buds. I really enjoy seeing the looks on my customers faces after they’ve tried our food. It is the look of pure satisfaction. Read more>>

Asiah Claiborne | Food, Drink, and Community Blogger

Honestly, I never really thought my Foodstagram would end up where it is now. I started it to document my love for trying new things. I went to complete my Master’s degree in Illinois and missed Texas (especially Denton) so much. I took for granted what the DFW area has to offer and couldn’t wait to get back. I made it my goal to try as many restaurants and explore as much as I could. Read more>>

Brooke Miller | Orthopedic and pelvic health physical therapist

Starting my own practice was never on my radar until I was forced to experience the need for rehab myself. I had always been on the healthcare end of the coin, doing what I could to help people get better and while some did, there was always a handful of clients that would tell me stories of being bounced around the healthcare system due to no one understanding their complaints. Or maybe their issues were dismissed curtly by doctors. Most were able to get somewhat better, but were cut off and forced to stop therapy due to insurance running out or not covering certain treatments. While this always made me sad for them, it never was so important until it happened to me. Read more>>

Christie K. Moore | Owner – Mansfield Funeral Home

I knew when I was 9 that I would help people for the rest of my life. Funeral service was introduced to me when I watched my great-grandmother’s embalming and later burial in 1988. Experiencing my family and their anticipatory grief provided an early introduction of how to cope with loss. In 1995, I told my parents I wanted to graduate from high school and go right into mortuary school. Knowing my strengths were Math and Science, they insisted I completed my bachelors degree as a foundation and then obtain my Associates in Applied Science for Embalming and Funeral Directing. During that time, the funeral service industry was dominated by men. Women such as Chandra Gerald Jennings and Sandra Clark, to name a few, were forging paths for girls like me to come after them. Read more>>

Kerri Lavery Sterin | Jewelry Designer

I have always loved creating and have had other businesses in the past but my passion was always jewelry. I just couldn’t get up the nerve to do it as a business. After a near death experience and a long recovery I became a different person in some ways. It just clicked in my head that I should only pursue things that bring me joy. I jumped in with both feet and never looked back. Read more>>

Candi Eduardo | Business Life Coach

Who is my target audience? What can I offer them that is unique? coming up with a marketing strategy. What makes me stand out? I had to make sure the services that i offer was something that is needed in today’s Society. Who are my competitors? It takes alot of planning to make sure your not missing anything. Once you have all the answers then you can go forth. Always remember that you have leave room for a pivot in your business. Read more>>

Makenzie Blake | DFW Photographer

Starting my own business was bound to happen eventually. I grew up with an entrepreneur mindset from my duct tape wallet business to selling lemonade at garage sales. I also have ALWAYS loved to make “Youtube” videos, take photos, etc. Naturally, the two worlds collided and here I am at 17 owning my own photography business. To be honest with you, I never ever expected this to blow up the way it did. I started off taking photos for my schools sports teams my sophomore year of high school. I fell in love with the process and was going to every school event possible to take photos. Read more>>

Trenton Jardine | President, Buddy Moving

I wanted to provide people with an experience that is not something you could typically get in the moving industry when hiring movers. Years ago on a hot, summer day (in Texas nonetheless) my brother and I moved into our first apartment with only the help of a few friends—buddies, if you will. That day was tiring, sweaty, and long, but after we finished, and took a look at our new space, there was a feeling we could barely comprehend: a mix of satisfaction and accomplishment. That’s when the idea of Buddy Moving came to us. Nobody likes moving. It’s hard and takes time you could spend relaxing or enjoying with friends and family. But for us, we were spending time with friends. Read more>>

James Odie | Owner of Trucking Company, Co-Owner of Carlot, Owner of Entertainment Company

I’ve always wanted to be in control of my own destiny. and I’ve always wanted the freedom of having my own time and utilizing my energy in building my own business. I’ve always been into helping people so that was a thing that I have always use to motivate me to build and not settle, take risk and one day the odds would be on my side. Read more>>

Adi Elcida Hernandez | Artist & Entrepreneur

I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit and desire to be my own boss. When the pandemic hit and I found myself unable to tour with my band and out of my stable income job it was only natural for me to reinvent myself. My business endeavors almost always begin with a passion. Read more>>

Marlin Ousley | Author/Publisher

I wanted to create a platform where people who traditional publishers wouldn’t work. With could get their books out to the public. Read more>>