Deciding to pursue an artistic or creative career path isn’t for the faint of heart.  Challenges will abound, but so many of the artists we speak with couldn’t be happier with their choice.  So, we asked them about how they made the decision in the first place.

Nick & Anthony Roels & Stroud | Dogs For Senate (Musical Group)

Anthony: Music has been an interest of mine for as long as I can remember. Making music is something that feels natural to me, and I know that it is something I would do whether I could make a career out of it or not. It just feels like a part of who I am. Aside from becoming close friends after meeting at our first gig together in 2019, we share a lot of musical interests and we work really well together. There are things that we both excel at individually that really compliment each other’s abilities. Read more>>

Aaron Knowles Dias | Meditation and Theatre Arts Educator

When I look back at my life, I realize that I didn’t have any other choice but to pursue a creative career! I believe that creative energy is an essential, undeniable and incredibly important aspect of every human being, and that no one can live a fully satisfying life without honoring this part of their nature. It is up to each of us as individuals to spend time discovering and nurturing our own inner artist, so that we can understand its unique gifts and express its unique contributions to the world. Read more>>

Richy Xiong | Vocalist of Third & Delaware

We often preach the motto “find your solace”. It’s printed on a few of our shirts as well. We don’t go into the reasoning too much at our live shows, but the underlying principle of why I decided to pursue this creative outlet was because it fulfills me. Whether it’s writing lyrics, performing live, or rehearsing the same verse 8 times with the band, there is a collective and personal goal being achieved through our music and the process of its creation. I implore others to find what fulfills them. Read more>>

Mark Fansler | Artist, Designer, and Videographer

I have always been a creative in how I execute, think, and live. It simmers to the surface of everything I do, so I am always bored with places I land after I have been there a while. I long for engagement, growth, and stimulation. Why do I pursue a creative career? It is the only way I can keep myself engaged without getting bored because the job constantly changes and keeps me on the edge of growth and creative expression in so many different media forms. Read more>>

Alyssa Hopkins | Braider/ Loctician

I was never the type to want a career sitting behind a desk. Working with my hands is what I do best, when it comes to being creative. In school I was very interested in all things artistic or creative. Now I get to express myself in a creative way everyday, by being a hairstylist, Braider, and Loctician. Read more>>

Ryan Vasquez | Editor in chief / metal music journalist

I knew I wanted to be a writer since I was in elementary, except I wanted to write fiction. As the school years progressed, I proved to myself that I work with that side of the brain more so than the side that understood and applied algebra. Plus, I played percussion throughout middle school and high school and at the same time couldn’t deny my passion for metal music. It wasn’t until junior college when I figured a path to join both passions (metal music and writing) and take a serious approach to it. Read more>>

Justin Loretangeli | 10 Years of Rockin’

I’ve always had more than a causal interest in music, even before I really realized it. As a kid, I thought it was normal to read through CD booklets and band/artist Wikipedia pages to get all of the information I could on the music I loved. And although I had that love for music, I quickly realized I wasn’t going to be able to sing, play or write it, so I had to find another way to get myself more deeply involved with the music industry. Read more>>

Autumn Pearson | Creative Entrepreneur and Singer

As a child, I was always creating and turning small ideas into a business. It was subconscious and natural. Drawing, sewing, making bracelets and purses, designing beaded bobby-pins, and making snow cone stands (with the name “Hawaiian Ice”), were a part of my every day life. I was always playing “coffee shop” or forming a girls club amongst my best friends. As I grew older I realized the risk of being an artsy entrepreneur. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to handle the financial risks, so I went to college and considers studying for careers in the medical field instead of my love for dance and music. Read more>>

Kevin Messica | Music Producer & DJ

I chose my career path for countless reasons, but to sum it up I just truly do what I am passionate about and has made the biggest impact in my life and many other people’s lives that are in my life. There’s nothing else I can imagine doing other than what I love the most! Music has always been one of my biggest inspirations in this world, and has changed my life in a very positive way. I hope to bring light and inspire others with my career the same way many artists have done and continue doing for me. Read more>>

DJ “Diogenes” Negron-Forsythe | Lead Vocalist Toxic Madness

When I was 4 years old, I was at the Parks Mall and I saw a group of people doing stage modeling and singing, I said to my parents” I’ve been waiting all my life for this” I knew right there and then that music was for me. I performed “We will rock you” by Queen. Flash forward to when I was older around 12 years old I started to use music as an outlet to express my self with my thoughts, feeling and emotion. Read more>>