Entrepreneurs often have so many ideas – way more than they can execute on their own. So, we asked the brillaint Lane Rizzardini a few questions. Do you have a business idea that you are too busy to execute on, but that you think is really interesting? What can you share with our audience? Why do you think it would work, how would you start, scale, etc?

Lane Rizzardini | Digital Marketing Firm Owner

I have an idea for a Daily Positivity Newsletter. The concept is just 1-2 very short snippets of knowledge or wisdom sent daily to subscribers that would help them feel good about the information they’re digesting. Small bits of positive thought served consistently over a long period of time would have lasting mental health effects.

Where the idea came from is I get a lot of email newsletters and I find a lot of them now sitting in my inbox unopened, ones I really like but can’t invest the time to read. I find the ones I do read every time are Seth Godin, the short Harvard Business Review snippets and James Clear. Maybe Tim Ferris. It’s because they’re shorter and easier to digest, I can commit to them.I find this with books too. I have a hard time committing the time to reading longer books because I read slow and take a lot of notes. This is why social media is such a draw. It’s easy to dive in at any moment and get all these dopamine hits from scrolling and feels like less of a commitment than a good book or newsletter.

It’s also easier to digest when I’m tired at night. So the question was how do I get myself to read and digest more positive inputs instead of constantly reaching for my phone, especially when I wake up or before I go to bed? I find breaking things into smaller pieces helps me maintain habits, so if my ultimate goal was to read more wisdom consistently, I now have three books going at once, of varying commitment lengths. Even at my most tired before bed, I can get through a page or two of Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, underline some good pieces and then log the notes the next day. This gives me some healthy, long lasting thought to put in my brain instead of social media or email as the last thing I read before going to bed. Good inputs vs. potentially bad inputs.

Knowing this is a problem for others: Would people subscribe to a daily newsletter, sent early in the morning or at night, with a few short snippets of quality thoughts? No additional links, 5 minutes tops to read. It will work on a few levels:

  1. Its a Substitution for Social Media: it mimics the short dopamine hit of tweets or posts, so easier to adapt to and embrace as the “last thing” or “first thing”
  2. It’s Contained: There’s no way to share, there’s nowhere else to go. You’re not asked to do anything else or go anywhere else. It has a concrete end unlike the endless scroll of social media
  3. It Will Broaden You: You will get exposed to new ideas, from people you won’t know, from areas of study you’d never ordinarily seek out. You will not end up in a bubble of self reinforcing commentary.
  4. You Will Learn More, More Frequently: You will develop a habit of daily learning that you can build on.

About me: I own a digital marketing company helping local service-based businesses grow and achieve their goals.