We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Robert Dye | Artist

When a brush loaded with paint touches the canvas there is a moment when the commonplace reaches for the devine. Sometimes we may get close. Rarely there is perfection, but the potential for perfection is there if we are willing to try. Read more>>

Urooj Alam | Portrait Photographer

Growing up, I always enjoyed being creative, whether it was drawing and painting, or playing piano or guitar, and singing. I never truly “got tired” of being creative. When I realized my creativity through portrait photography could also generate a sustainable income, I could not help but feel like I’d finally found my calling. Often we hear the term “starving artist” used to describe those in creative careers, but this does not have to be the case. Read more>>

Nicholas Salinas | Head of A&R / Addictive Music Group

Honestly ever since I could remember anything that had to do with being creative or art related I was all in. My mind just works that way I love the freedom of expression. Weather is Music / Drawing or Digital Graphics Im all in. Read more>>

Blake Pyatt | Engineer | Machinist | Finish Carpenter

Being an engineer in my professional job, I don’t always have the freedoms to do what I want and how I want regarding work due to rules. Wood working allows me to have that outlet of freedom and choice to express my visions in reality, which helps overall mental creativity and satisfaction in my life over all. It also makes me a better engineer through carrying out all phases a build or project from start to finish. Read more>>

Angel Brantley | Natural Hairstylist

I chose this career because I never fit into the mold of what employers wanted me to be. I need to be able to be myself in order for me to thrive. Work never feels like work, I get to create beautiful art everyday, and I love how no two days are the same. Read more>>

Thomas Bradley | News Photographer

It all started when I was a young teenager. I have always loved television and photography. Whenever my parents take us on a trip to the local electronic store such as Circuit City the first I would immediately run to the video camera/photo department and play with the devices. My curiosity as a kid and love for photojournalism made me choose a creative career in television. I got my big break in local news in Columbus GA an hour and a half from my hometown of Atlanta. My news photographer started there. Read more>>