Do people decide to love what they do or do they decide to do what they love?  We asked folks who love what they do, why they love their work and what they love most about it, in the hopes of better understanding how we can all better enjoy our careers.

Maybel Beltran | Freelance Makeup Artist

I love what I do for many reasons. I love the artistry, the techniques, the constant training, the new trends, all of it. I do believe the main reason I Iove what I do is having the ability to help my canvas feel beautiful on one of their most specials days. It’s extremely rewarding being able to make someone feel their best. That in itself is the biggest reward. Read more>>

Tricia Grace | Content Creator | CEO & Founder Of Tricia Grace Health & Beauty, Cupping System & Whole Body Serum

I love what I do because I love helping people solve a problem, and creating tutorials showing how to do this is what I love best about my it. Read more>>

Ms. Mack | Entertainer & Band Leader

I love being an entertainer as it allows for a freedom of expression that isn’t necessarily possible in my everyday life. As I grow into a great understanding of the the dichotomy between person and persona; it continues to drive me into the further exploration into “who” I really am. Read more>>