One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Bryce Runge | Author of the hit book, Wake Up

As a Christian author and keynote speaker, I’m grateful to connect and contribute to the community and the world in several ways. Through my writings and motivational speeches, I inspire and motivate individuals, providing them with guidance and encouragement based on Christian principles. By sharing the crucibles I have experienced, I can positively impact people’s lives, fostering personal growth, resilience, and a sense of purpose. Read more>>

Kellie Garcia | Registered Play Therapist™

Mental health is such an important part of life and has been seen as this non-existent thing. Although it is getting better, we still have a ways to go before mental health is truly seen as important as physical health. This is particularly true for children. As a Registered Play Therapist™, working with children at their developmental level using their language of play ensures that they are fully being seen and heard. The therapeutic relationship is the foundation of the healing process. Teaching these skills to parents is just as crucial as seeing the child in therapy. With healed children and families, comes healing for our communities and a brighter future. Read more>>

Crystal Sinclair | Founder & CEO of Grace Women’s Organization

At Grace Women’s Organization, we are dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of moms in our community. The reality is that most mothers are so busy taking care of their loved ones that they unintentionally neglect their own health. We aim to change that narrative. Read more>>

Susan Shihab | Co-founder

Firstly, we prioritized sourcing our coffee beans from Yemen. Supporting this farming community aids in the resurgence of coffee farms across land known to be the originators of coffee. Secondly, we created a unique space that serves as learning hub that highlights the Yemeni culture and community through drinks, snacks, music, design and, most importantly, experience. Lastly, the coffee shop has become a space that members of the DFW community can enjoy to spend time with loved ones, to study, or simply as an oasis to escape to. Read more>>