If not giving up was always the right answer life would be so easy. History shows us that sometimes quitters prosper and sometimes they miss out. Knowing when to quit and when to keep going is one of the most difficult questions and so we asked folks we admire to tell us how they think through this question.

Lauren LeBlanc | Actor + Writer

Everything I’ve ever aspired to be–performing and writing, primarily these days–has asked more of me than I thought I had. Both fields are characterized by their near-constant rejection, so I don’t have an answer to this question, really. Except to say that I’ve felt discouraged many times, but never defeated. My only job, other than the work itself–the drafting, the rehearsing–is to not give up on myself. Giving up on a thing I’ve long dreamed of is the only actual way to know that it won’t work out. So the only option left is keep going, keep going, keep going. Read more>>

Chaunhi Le | Graphic Designer

Giving up takes just as much from you (if not more) than if you were to keep going, so you might as well just keep pushing through. You never know where you’ll end up if you keep trying, but you’ll have a pretty good idea of where you’ll be if you give up. Read more>>

Amanda Hansen | Food Influencer and Photographer

We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve been frustrated with something. It could be trying to grasp a new concept, working towards starting a business, or even just trying to reach that coin in between the couch cushions. What would giving up get you? I’ve experienced all three of these scenarios, and giving up would have gotten me nothing. But keeping going. By continuing to try, I learned algebra, started food influencing, and became 25 cents richer. As cliché as it sounds, giving up is never an option. Your life is too short to not follow your dreams and make the most of it. So, what would this world look like if giving up was never an option? This would would look beautiful. Even more beautiful than it is now. Keep going, and leave your mark on this planet. Give your life new meaning. Read more>>

LaKeisha Wallace-Owens | Founder & Creator

It stood out to me due to the fact I am currently debating with myself this very thing. If you have a business and there is not any love, passion, anxiety, and nervousness behind it, you may need to reconsider why you are even in business. To be in business just to be in business is not a good reason to have a business. You will not be able to give your customers the experience of the passion you have behind it. I was deciding to give up my business because I allowed someone very close to me, non-vision of my business tell me that being a business owner there are too many risks and I should consider a job that I went to college for because it provides consistency and benefits. Just because someone doesn’t see your vision about your business is never a reason to give up on it. Because this particular person was so close to me it kind of hit a little harder and had me reconsidering everything. But the love, passion, and most importantly what I receive from my clients when they smile or fall in love with one of my creations makes it worth it. I put so much heart, soul and love into everything I make. I am truly in love with my business and my clients and that’s more than enough for me to keep going. Read more>>

Johnathan Hayden | Fashion Designer & Creative Director

Everytime I think, “okay, maybe this it”, something miraculously happens that significant. More than another sale, we’ve stayed the course and see big PR opportunities or prizes come our way. Many times, I think staying resolute so that you’re prepared for when opportunity does present itself is key to take advantage of success. Read more>>

Nick Midnight | Singer & Rapper

I believe that the universe will always test you to see how badly you want something. To me, giving up only happens when you never really wanted what you were pursuing in the first place. As an artist, you see a lot of your peers who make music for the wrong reasons, whether its clout, praise, or money. What inspires me to keep going isn’t because I want to make music, but because I have to. I love music, and I want to keep making music until I’m old and wrinkly. When you put your heart and soul into something, giving up is never an option. Love and passion will always keep you going. Read more>>

Kierra McAlpine |

You keep going by never underestimating yourself because you never know how far you can go and what you will achieve in the road ahead. It’s not like you can go backwards in life, so you keep going not matter what. So why give up? I believe that no matter the obstacle, you just continue to push. At times, I sit and think about how I can make my business better for my customers. What else can I do to help someone? Those are the things that keep me going to be willing to learn and grow my business as I grow myself. Read more>>

Jessica Elmore | Señora life + Mamá de tres + Photographer + PhotoBooth Owner

Like any other artist, the doubt of keep continuing is always faced through the journey. For me, our personal life kept growing faster than our actual dreams and to balance it, was hard. We moved to Denver for year and half with my husband and 3 children. New to the city, new to all the adventures; we decided to take this risk and start the Colorado life and get one step closer to our goals. We loved every sunrise and sunset it gaves us, we grew more than ever!; We even got to remarried in front of our children! One of the best experiences we share as a family! But Covid happen and my business took a big hit, trying to market yourself in a new city when everyone is isolating can be difficult. We were reminded the society we live in, millions of people losing their jobs and business, family getting sick, police brutality like the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery (which my husband was at that same town 4 days after it happen 2/23 and the murderers were not convicted till 5/ 7) ; children in cages; the list can go on. Read more>>