The Decision Makers Series is one of our staff’s favorite because decision making is a topic that so many of us have studied deeply.

Jennifer Becerra | Salon Owner & Hairstylist

I would have to say one of the most important decisions I’ve made was to put God at the forefront of everything I do, so my faith first followed by my family. Keeping my faith was a necessity and instrumental in my future plans. God helps lead the way. He leads a path I would never have imagined. He also covers me when I no longer feel the strength to keep going. My beautiful family helps support my decisions and encourages even my wildest dreams. They are my strength, backbone and the driving factor to what I do. Without these two motivating factors I know I wouldn’t be who I am today. Read more>>

Cappie McBeth | Sparkle Agent!

When I first started with Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski, I had some ambivalence about direct sales…in fact, I’d never actually SOLD anything before! Early in my first year of sales, I was asked to donate money for a mission trip. For some reason, I blurted out that I’d be glad to have a party for her and donate the proceeds. The party went well enough that I was able to completely finance that mission trip! And the light bulb went on. I could use this business as a vehicle to raise money for causes!!! That gave me a whole new “why”, a whole new level of comfort with what I was doing, and a whole new way of doing business. Not all of my parties or events are FUNdraisers, but I always offer that as an alternative to anyone. I have made so many lasting friendships because of these FUNdraisers, learned so much about the not-for-profit world, and I’ve been able to make significant contributions to causes I care about. Read more>>

Zoey Hunter Vick | Tattoo Artist

As a young artist I was just like most, hungry – ready to do whatever necessary just to touch this dream. I jumped at the opportunity when the door was opened for me, without really seeing the person who was holding that door for me. The confusion set in, I was walking a path I had dreamed of so why was I not happy? An older tattooers took me aside and told me there is only two kinds of us, choose which tattooer you are – stand up with conviction and walk into your future. I listened to his words over and over , I did know who I was, I did know the person my father raised , I did know my integrity came before the money. That day I made my decision, I stood up and I stepped into myself, my future and I never looked back. 24 years later, nothing is perfect or smooth all the time but I can look in the mirror every day and know I am true to my decision of what kind of tattoo artist I am. Read more>>

Heidi Axelrod | Owner

Narrowing my niche’ and naming my business Over 40 Personal Training was the most important decision I made that has contributed to my business success. The name easily differentiates my services from other personal trainers and resonates with those I’m seeking to help. When I reflected on who I enjoyed serving and where I could connect and inspire, it was my over 40 clientele. I changed my life and health at age forty and my experience helps me be a better coach to this population. I’m grateful I’m able to use this gift of what I’ve learned and experienced to now improve my clients’ quality of life. It is so rewarding to see transformations of strength, health and confidence. Read more>>