We asked some of the city’s most brilliant and creative minds to tell us about the most difficult decision they’ve had to make.

StateGang Vince | Independent Music Artist

Two of my most difficult decision, I ever had to make will be. Making funeral decisions for my dad when he passed. As well as, leaving the streets, and focusing on my music, full time. Read more>>

Tonya Kassler | Soulspressions Crystal Business Owner/Artist & MRI Technologist

The most difficult decision I had to make was deciding to quit my fulltime steady job to invest in my Soulspressions crystal business fulltime. It was a tough decision. I was constantly tossing about the pros and cons, the what and what if’s, the bad and the good, the unknowns and I was scared but also excited. My parents were supportive with my decision even though they were scared with the normal doubts a parent would have leaving a stable job behind! I am a licensed MRI technologist leaving this stable career to go into my OWN business, the unknown. I was working my job and my crystal business and putting in over 90 hours per week for about 6 1/2 months until I got to a point I needed to make a decision. It was becoming hard to manage both due to the demand increasing in the business and the time I was able to offer. Out of processing, I reached out to a successful business man named Dan, I became friends with over the course of time. Read more>>

Lanora Wyatt | CEO/Owner of Fitness by Nori & Human Resources Professional

The decision to choose ME, at all cost; to bet on ME, to believe in ME and to trust ME again. We look for people to treat us like we would treat ourself but in most cases, people don’t treat themselves well. So how can we expect for them to treat us well. Therefore, I made the decision to protect my peace and well-being by removing myself from anyone that does not support me, present drama or that do not treat me well. Read more>>

Christine Trimpe | Author, Speaker, and Certified Health & Wellness Coach

I recently left my thirty-two career in corporate America in accounting to pursue my calling to be a entrepreneur as an Author, Speaker, and Certified Health Coach. This took a tremendous leap of faith as I never in my wildest dreams saw this drastic pivot in my life. I went from being the Controller of a medium size organization to no secure bi-weekly source of income. I agonized over this decision for two years. As the stress of the career job increased, it became evident that I needed to take the risk and pursue my passion and build my ministry Joy•Fueled Living––Body, Mind, and Spirit. My stress is gone, and the risk is paying off in ways I never imagined. Read more>>