There’s a ton of research around how setting habits can help us conserve energy because it reduces the number of decisions we have to make in a day. However, not all habits are created equal and so we’ve asked our community to tell us about the habits they have been most effective for them.

Charlie SeaEss” Schafer | Music Producer”

I feel success is a fickle thing. i feel far from anything like I could call success. but anytime i’ve felt a sense of it has come from simply “showing up”. Creative work is hard and defeating sometimes. It’s natural to feel like your work never measures up to your inspirations. There isn’t a formula for “if you do ‘x’, you’ll get ‘y’ result”. the only thing you can practice is sitting down and working on your craft again and again again. and NEVER see not coming up with something (whether its a song idea, a painting, a screenplay, photo etc.) as a loss. every effort to “show up” is a small win and investment for your future. Read more>>

John Pokrifcsak | Lead singer/songwriter for Shady Vally

Repetition leads to success. Repetition also leads to boredom. Both are exactly what you want to happen. I (John Pokrifcsak) aim to write a song and to practice my craft every day. I get better and better, polishing up on what I’m working on, and then I get bored. To cure my boredom I add little nuances or expand upon what I have polished up so well. This is what makes the legends great: adding layers and layers upon their already impressive skills until it’s so nuanced and built upon that it separates them from others. Read more>>

Sylvia Hogan | Handmade Lace Jewelry Designer

The main habit that has helped me has been my persistence. I think many people would say the same. You have to be willing to keep at it when there may not be immediate success and to keep asking when sometimes the answer is no. If you believe in your product, idea, passion, whatever it may be, you will be persistent in getting it out there. Read more>>

Deana Hinchcliff | Artist, sculptor, mixed media creative

Consistency is probably the biggest factor in my success and my ability to make a living doing what I enjoy. Once I was able to set up a dedicated studio it made it much easier to stay creative be productive. I get up every day and go in the studio. Sometimes not for long stretches, but I work on something. Staying current with social media platforms and online tools is also necessary. Certainly with the onslaught of online platforms it is impossible to use them all, but I have found a couple that work with my business. Read more>>

Kasch Hunter-Brown | Licensed Cosmetologist & Master Of Extensions

The habits I feel most has helped me succeed would have to be praying, tithing and writing in my journal. I bought a little journal from Walmart and any idea, I write it down. Any God given dream, vision, or thought I include that as well. I believe tithing has definitely helped my self and my business thrive because I’m keeping Jesus first. Ten percent is what I give or set aside- if I’m feeling moved then ill send more. its really about faith and trusting Gods will for my business. Grab you a nice journal, pray and step out on faith. Always keep God first. Read more>>