There’s a ton of research around how setting habits can help us conserve energy because it reduces the number of decisions we have to make in a day. However, not all habits are created equal and so we’ve asked our community to tell us about the habits they have been most effective for them.

Shonna Gainey | Founder and Designer of Divine Ivy

The most important factor in my business is building customer relations. At Divine Ivy, we believe the customer is the most important part of the business. Our products, services, and community is built around the customer, and their wants and needs. We strive to not only create beautiful, quality products, but also a lifestyle that realistically embodies our customers in their day to day lives. Building a genuine brand is the result of Divine Ivy’s success. Read more>>

Lexy Messina | Social Media Manager and Content Creator

The most important factor behind my success in social media management, content creation, etc. has definitely been determination, with a sub-factor of that being passion. Being willing to work the extra crazy hours and/or miss out on different social gatherings, events, etc. isn’t ever easy, but it’s the choice that often has to be made. It’s interesting though because, yes, the choice takes away things sometimes, Read more>>

Hilliary Giglio | Pediatric Sleep Specialist and Family Coach

Investing in myself and investing in my clients. I consider myself a “lifelong learner” and this has stayed true in my entrepreneurial endeavor. I’m a one-woman show as a Pediatric Sleep Specialist and Family Coach. So while yes I am deep in sleep research and education, I’ve also had to become the best marketing specialist, sales associate, and back-end office manager, as well. And, while I am a person or thrives with organization and structure, there are some things I just didn’t know when I started my business. I’ve invested in private coaching and business learning programs and my commitment to investing in myself has been a game changer to my success. Read more>>

Christian Young | Singer-Songwriter and Recording Artist

When I had no money to pay to record my music in a studio, I used a Chromebook that was provided by my school and recorded my vocals on some 5-dollar headphones that I got from a Family Dollar down the road. It’s something I pride myself on and that is my ability to try over and over again. As a high school student, with absolutely no prior knowledge on how to record or how to write a song, Read more>>

Renada Brown | Fashion model & Sport Massage therapist & soon to be Esthetician

The most important factor behind my success is “be the change in making a difference”. I’m all about making a difference especially with the youth, the youth is so heavily influenced by social media and celebrities and what society deems as “perfect” or “beautiful” and it’s so bad and toxic kids teens are going the distance to alter themselves just to fit a certain standard when in reality only you can be the best version of you because theirs only ONE you and with my careers as model or my wellness business (bodybeautybiotics) Read more>>

Wade Downs | Owner & Chief Stick-Burner

Although BBQ is what I serve as a tangible item, the single most important component is the interaction & experience you provide. My goal with every person I am able to serve, is to create a unique memory. When you think back on an experience you had with food, it’s often common to remember who you were with, the emotion, the smell, the attitude, the reason you were there, and how well you were treated. Consistently treating people with the utmost respect & kindness creates an environment in which you want to return. A client or customer will come for the food but stay for the interaction & experience. People First: above all else- people come first. Read more>>

Parris Christopher Brady | Owner/Operator

There are several factors that go in to making/building a successful brand. I believe one of the most important factors behind our success would be establishing relationships. Developing strong relationships is the meat and potato behind our success. Strong relationships are built by having integrity, being open and honest, communicating effectively, and always respecting and appreciating others. At a young age, I was taught “people may not always remember exactly what you say to them, but they will always remember how you made them feel.” Read more>>

Glen Bhimani | CEO & Owner

The most important factor behind our success are our employees. The quality of our employees allows us to provide the consistency and quality we are known for and that our clients are expecting to receive from BPS Security. When a security guard has made a major mistake that warranted our clients have begged us to keep the security guard on their site instead of termination and if we were able to provide additional training to ensure it does not happen again. Our clients in a sense start to become a team with BPS and with the security officer working at their site which is not common in the security industry. Read more>>

Lucero Ramirez | PhD student with creative ideas

The biggest factor behind my success is the support from my boyfriend, family and community! I wouldn’t be able to do anything without them! Read more>>

Tanille Royston | Business & Immigration Attorney/HR Consultant

The most important factor was “stepping outside the box.” During the first year of my business, I realized that I had to do some things that I didn’t want to do in order for my business to be successful. For example, I’m not much of a Social Media user, but after months of people talking about how they met their customers on the internet, I thought that I should try posting about my business on Facebook and LinkedIn. Currently, a good percentage of my clients come from Social Media. Also, I was really uncomfortable calling potential clients, and telling them about my business. Read more>>

Dasjaevian (JD The Connect) Dixon | Fitness Trainer, Marketing/Branding Strategist & Philanthropist

The most important factor behind my success is being intentional about my goals. Consistent goal-planning has led me to emerge in the business world. Every goal that I’ve set for myself is written down in my dream book/spiritual journal. I then pray over my goals and work hard to achieve them. That formula has been the key factor for my success. Read more>>

Liz Anderson | Permanent Makeup Artist

Connections and relationships are the most important factor. Even though my job is one of technical skill the client in the chair needs to feel that connection with me enough to trust that at the end of our time together they will be happy with the results. If there is not that connection it throws the entire process off and makes the session that more difficult and awkward. My skills are there but also trust that grows out of the connection has to be there; after all…at the end of the day I am tattooing on the clients face. Read more>>

Katherine D. | Owner

There are many factors that played a huge role in determining the success of Yuri 360. Our motivation, Authenticity, consistency, network support, relationship building, passion, etc. But to narrow down one of the most important would be our ability to provide quality services to our clients. We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality in all aspects of the business. Providing quality in everything that we do has had a significant amount of success within our business. Read more>>

Patty Farmer | Marketing & Media Strategist | Speaker | Publisher | Podcast Host

I believe the most important factor behind my success was believing I would, making the choice to never quit, knowing when to pivot, and always listening to my gut when making business decisions. I have an amazing inner circle of mentors and coaches however, in the end after you seek advice from your inner circle a decision has to be made and as the CEO it is your decision to make. And trusting yourself, your team, your vision, and your why is key. Read more>>

Sierra Barnes | Blogger/Artist

It’s definitely a positive mindset. I think to be successful in any area of your life you need a positive mindset. I’m a believer that what you think you become. So, I always try and have a positive mindset no matter what I’m dealing with. Aside from that I think hard work and dedication. If I would’ve listened to any negative comments in the past I wouldn’t be the person I am today or where I am today. Read more>>

Allison Vanderwoude | Founder of VandyPop | Professional Non-Profit Fundraiser

Passion and People. My passion for entertainment news has been around since a young age. As a child, I loved flipping through the pages of my mom’s People magazine. As I got older, I loved watching news shows like Extra, E! News, Access Hollywood or the late night talk shows. I was always camped out in front of the TV on Oscars Sunday to check out all the fashion and see if my favorites won. So in terms of VandyPop becoming successful, I think it’s driven by my passion for entertainment news and my love of sharing it with others. Read more>>