Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges. We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to pursue a creative career.

Presley Duyck | Singer-Songwriter & Actress

My path into the arts unfolded itself after the passing of my sister. I was four years old, and somehow the way I found myself coping was with music. I sang to her in the NICU since I couldn’t hold her, and that was my way of showing my affection. I made up songs on the way to her funeral and to the cemetery. It was my natural instinct to make music at such a young age, and that never left. Read more>>

Leandra Frey | Life Coach and Crossfit Coach

Before I became a Life Coach, I worked in the mortgage industry doing compliance. As a kid, I loved to dance and act in plays. Performing for people is my 2nd nature. But choosing a career, I played it safe, however, it allowed me the freedom to work 9 to 5 and do my creative work afterward. Much of my outside work life was designing retreats and creating motivational lessons for kids in middle and high school through my church.  Read more>>

TJ Smith | Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Creative Cultivator

Though my own volition certainly played a role in the pursuit of my artistic work, I’d have to say that ultimately, creativity for me has always been less of a choice, and more of a force or muse that just kept calling out to me, tugging on my heartstrings, and consuming my mind. Read more>>

Hanah Sadiki | Business + Brand Coach

After 10+ years of working as a creative, I founded Kreative Kore, LLC. I created this agency as a safe place for entrepreneurs to explore their own ideas and develop a business on their terms with clarity, structure, and direction. I help my clients gain confidence and clarity in their branding, develop a unique and engaging customer experience for their clients, as well as curate a variety of brand visuals that resonate with their ideal clients. Read more>>

Eric Trich | New Media Artist

I was inspired by my grandmother who was a painter. She encouraged me from a young age to pursue art. The ability to envision something and then manifest it into reality is extremely satisfying. Read more>>

Kifo Doorwaze | Entertainer & Occultist

My whole life, art, music, film and most other mediums of expression have always been a passion of mine. I realized pretty early that life is nothing but risks. Why not take the risk of choosing a career in the arts, being a person that has confidence in my expression. Creative careers also allow freedom. Since then, I’ve been perusing music expecting it to gain me some footing to step into other creative careers. Read more>>