What’s the right balance between work and non-work time? The traditional 9-5 has slowly disappeared with the emails and zoom and texting going far beyond traditional business hours. We asked members of our community to share with us how they think about work-life balance.

Steve White | Physical Therapist and Running Coach

A few years into our marriage my wife and I got a puppy, Trout. It revealed to me that I had zero flexibility in my work and ultimately prompted me to start making a change in my work life balance. I knew when we started a family I wanted to be present and available to pivot as things came up. Now, with a toddler and both of us working full time the idea of “balance” has shifted even further for us. Maybe during our best weeks when all things are going smoothly we have “balance” but that’s pretty rare. It has now become “juggling” where the goal deciding which thing can drop and not break versus the “glass balls” that can’t. Read more>>

Sara Pizzi | Performing Conceptual Artists

Balance is my daily reminder: life is about balance. Being a freelance artist in NYC puts you at high risk of overworking, losing track and getting lost in overwhelming commitments. First arriving in NYC my unbreakable rule was “never say no, you don’t know with opportunities you may lose”. But right now, I’m in the mindset that it is better to lose some opportunities than losing track of yourself. Now I follow the rule of the 3 do’s: do what pays you rent, do what makes you happy and gratified & do what will make you improve; saying “yes” only to works which will help me to achieve my goal and represents who I am. Read more>>

Domeanic Carter-Banks | Photographer & Creative

Balance in my work life has become vital in order for me to embrace change. It took a moment for me to find my rhythm. I had an unhealthy outlook on change when it came to my work life. It was like I needed to abandon ship! As my responsibilities began to grow, I couldn’t see how I could balance being a devoted wife/Mom and pursue my passion as a photographer and creative. The lack of balance really caused me to self-sabotage myself into missing opportunities.   Balance has helped me maintain a healthy personal life, be a good steward of interpersonal relationships, and helps to cultivate a peaceful lifestyle built on a foundation of faith. Read more>>

Brandy Johnson | REALTOR® and Mentor, Lynch Legacy Realty Group, eXp Realty

The balance between work and personal life is something I am constantly working to improve. It sounds great in theory to have the best of both worlds, but the truth is that it can be hard to achieve. Especially for business owners. If I don’t take that call or answer that text, that could mean missing out on an opportunity to grow my business and make money. In real estate, your hope is that the first transaction with a client will lead to many more in the future so missing one call can mean missing out on multiple future opportunities. There is also pressure because as a society people want immediate responses and gratification. It seems everyone moves quickly and you must keep up. Read more>>

Clayton Wager (Straatz) | DJ/Producer

Work life balance has been a very difficult topic for me. The biggest lesson that I have learned about this is keeping a consistent schedule. Between my career, hobbies, and passion, it is imperative that I prioritize my 2 main passions which are music, and my career in landscape design. It is a constant battle for me to balance both passions as they are both time consuming and take up a lot of mental real estate. For a long time it felt as though I was fully focused on one or the other, and when going through these phases, the passion I neglected seemed to fall apart. Read more>>

Jennifer Tran | United States Army Soldier

I’ve been working since I was a junior in high school. Starting to work at a young age taught me valuable time management skills. Balancing school, work, and sports was not easy at first. A couple useful ways I started balancing so many things was by giving myself frequent breaks. Using a planner and prioritizing my tasks was also really helpful. I still use these today, in my military career. Rewarding yourself for getting tasks done is a key factor in a good work/life balance. Read more>>

Keithsha Mitchell | Yoga Instructor

When I think about the concept of “work life balance” I have a new view on it all completely. Previously, I was a full time employee for a behavioral health program with an ample amount of PTO. I was pleased with taking trips and vacations with friends and family knowing I had paid time off and plenty of it. However, I no longer work there and am now a full time entrepreneur. I am in my first six months and it has been balanced, but in a way that works for me and my lifestyle. I tell everyone in my life, that “you have to do what works for you.” Read more>>