Artists and creatives face innumerable challenges given that their career path often doesn’t come with a playbook, a steady paycheck or any form of safety net. It’s definitely not easy and so we asked a few of the artists and creatives we admire to talk to us about why they chose to pursue an artistic or creative career.

Lydia Shumard | Dallas Photographer

Art in various forms has always been something I’m drawn to and love doing. When I was younger, I would go in the closet under our staircase and hide out for hours drawing and crafting. A few years after I had been using my mom’s old DSLR camera, someone from my church asked if I would take their family photos. This was an eye opening experience for me as I realized I could create physical items- photos- that hold memories and that will be looked at and passed down for generations. I think it’s amazing being able to create something, that when you look back on, you can remember what was going on at that time in life and the feelings you had. Read more>>

Logan Ryan Skloss | Professional Welder, Musician, Singer-Song Writer and Leader of Logan Ryan Band

I always loved music, and writing songs. Starting a band and performing them live, was the next logical step. So, I released my first single, Buenos Noches in 2017, with great feedback, and support. I have since released 4 other singles, with a new single being released Feb 25th 2022, and an EP coming soon! I like to think that my music helps folks get through their day and maybe have some fun. overall I guess I do it because I love it, if other people enjoy it, then that’s the icing on the cake! Read more>>

Allie Adamek | Blogger & Content Creator

I have always considered myself to be a self-proclaimed foodie. So with my combined love of photography and my hometown city of Dallas, I really wanted a creative outlet that I could not only play on my strengths, but also support the local restaurant scene. What started as a simple past time has given me countless opportunities to try places all over the metroplex, share my thoughts, as well as help small business owners through promotional & creative avenues. It really has been so rewarding being able to work directly with the Dallas restaurant community. Read more>>

Rickeelon Chachki | Creative Director & Rapper

Ever since I was a child I’ve always been very expensive and eccentric. I remember my 4th grade year told me I was very flamboyant, not sure what she meant by that age, but looking back, I understand. It was a literature class so I’d always write stories and basically perform a one man show when it was time to share. Fast forward I’m not at a point where I get paid to showcase my talents and express myself. Not many have the drive to take it to that level. Read more>>

Sky Singleton | Shoe Customizer

That’s a solid question, I think I started drawing when I was about 5/6 years old. I remember vaguely people being impressed that it wasn’t stick figures. My mom use to always tell me I could draw even when I wasn’t at my full potential. In kindergarten every Monday a volunteer would come and read us the comic section of the News Paper. Literally at that moment I said I wanted to be an artist. I told my mom I wanted to draw comics for the paper. So she would save me all the “funny pages” every Sunday. Read more>>

Gloria Shellman | Writer, Actor, Photographer | JMT Productions and Entertainment

I chose to pursue a career in the arts because it literally chose me. I have been writing since I was 4 and I have always been creative in making stories and scenarios for different situations. I used to dream of telling compelling, life changing stories, that empowered and encouraged people to live their authentic lives. Now, I don’t have to dream it, I’m doing it. I get to write the script about coming out. I get to write about justice and equality. I get to create worlds where everyone has a voice and everyone is accepted for who they are. It allows me to evoke emotions and, for some, even change how they view certain things. My artistry is a journey that ultimately makes me a better person with each script I write. Read more>>

Senpaii The Indigo Child | Artist and Spiritual influencer

I chose this career path because nothing comes easy. In this business of being a creative your success is determined by how much you believe in yourself. And quite frankly the music/entertainment business saved my life. Because there was a time when I did not believe in myself and I couldn’t see a way out of my current situation and I was ready to end my life but the only thing that was able to keep me here was writing my music. And that saved me because sometimes I couldn’t even begin to fathom to see a way out of my homeless situation… Read more>>

Marty Ray | Artist, Professor Emerita of Art

From my earliest memories I always thgought I was an artist. I liked to draw on anything near me if I had a crayon or pencil. Walls, books, paper, old envelopes were early drawing surfaces. I was fortunate to have a mother and father who encouraged my art; my mother was an untrained artist and I learned a lot from her. I remember painting paint by number paintings on the dining room table with her. Maybe this does not seem creative, but I learned to mix paint and how to use a brush and noticed the work of the artist who designed the paint by number image. She also showed my sister and I how to make our own paper dolls and the clothes for them. Read more>>

Sabrina Almodovar | Illustrator and Artist

I decided to pursue an artistic career (finally!) because, up until around 2018, I had spent my entire adult career in finance. In retrospect, it feels as if I’d lost my path. I started out studying painting and printmaking but switched to Art History. I love Art History, but I did not want to pursue academia after college. I felt so lost during this time, and if I could go back and give 22-year-old Sabrina advice, it would be that not making a decision is itself a decision and that you shouldn’t be paralyzed by indecision because you will be moved along by life regardless. Read more>>