Even if you are from the same neighborhood as someone else, you might still be coming from different places. Where you are from is a complicated question and it elicits complicated, but interesting and thought-provoking responses. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Krysta Coleman | Interior Designer, Florist, Buyer and Merchandiser

I’m from a small town in East Texas where pine trees line any given highway and cattle dapples every pasture. Growing up in Marshall has always had its perks to me. You know most everyone, your doctor, the kid at the grocery store, your hair stylist. My parents always thought I would move to L.A. or New York as soon as I graduated college, but I came straight home. There’s no place like home to me. From an early age my sister, brother and I grew up in the walls of our family business. Hard work ethic has always been something our parents instilled in us. Work hard, stay motivated and always be honest. Those are qualities that I’ve always applied to my design work and now pour into our family business. Read more>>

Erica Jackson | Boy Mom | Future CRNA

Originally from Memphis, Tn, my upbringing was nothing short of amazing. Being a military child, I come from a very structured background. Traveling and living all over the world had a lifelong impact on who I am today. Moving every three years put me in a position to adapt and quick! Just adapting to my environment alloted the opportunity for me to be well rounded and very diverse at a very young age, making me skilled in communicating and networking. Today, all of those characteristics have allowed me to open doors not only for my personal life but business as well. Read more>>

Joshua Lucero | Kid Entrepreneur

I am from Desoto, Texas. I was raised in a Christian home and was always active and involved in our church. My parents always teach me to do what is right and I try my best to do that when I am with my friends. They also teach me to be respectful. Read more>>

LaQuan Williams | Photographer & Owner of Qphotography LLC

I’m from a small town in the south of Arkansas called Dermott population is 3,000. Growing up there made me realize that I had to make it somehow just to be in a better position to help my family and also myself. I never knew what I would be doing after I graduated high school but I just knew I didn’t want to be stuck in a career that I know I didn’t enjoy but things changed when I became a photographer. Photography has been my therapy over the years it has benefit me so much and also made me a better person today. Read more>>

Audri Anciso | Photographer

My name is Audri but everybody calls me Audi! I am the L in LGBT and from A small outskirt town in Dallas Texas, called Little Elm. I went to Little Elm high school graduated from there and then went to college in South Texas next to South Padre Island. This is where I feel my journey started because it was a whirlwind. I would have to say that my college years were extremely rough. What was supposed to be years to remember became years that I wanted to forget. I was in a very abusive relationship during my college years and it distracted me from continuing there anymore. The only classes and activities that I would find myself doing we’re creative ones and within the fine arts. Read more>>

Isabel Solis | Graphic Designer & Fine Artist

I was born and raised in Germany but with Hungarian parents who escaped the communism with nothing to their name. Growing up with my parents as role models who showed me that anything is possible, no matter where you come from or how hard your circumstances are. I learned early on that with a strong mindset, dedication and the simple trust in yourself and the higher power you can achieve what you really want in life. I moved to San Diego 2 weeks before my 22nd birthday. Experiencing a different culture than my own really opened my eyes to respecting and accepting everyone. Being on my own in my twenties made me truly grow up and find out who I am and what I can be capable off without anyone’s support or help. Read more>>