We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Trish Perdue | Designer-Lover of all Things Southern and Classic.

I believe consistency in the styles that I love and appreciate really has made the difference in my success. Styles come and go, trends, even habits, but I remain committed to the southern florals and styles that I love. Even when the trends seem to lean towards more modern cleaner looks, I have remained true to what I love and that which inspires me. Roses, hydrangeas, peonies, and southern style urns and containers. My color palette always leans towards magenta, hot pink, turquoise blue, and sage floral designs. These are also the colors that I love to wear in my personal style.. my closet is filled with bright and fun colors, as well as many pearl necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Read more>>

Sharon Allen | Private Chef & Content Creator

Honestly, creating a routine and sticking to it has been one of my most helpful changes I’ve made for myself in my life. Sometimes your ideas can seem so big that you don’t even know where to begin with tackling them, I think that’s what keeps some people with really great ideas from actually implementing them, they don’t even know where to begin. Waking up each day with a routine really helps structure your life in a way that can make all these big ideas, bite size and manageable. You take it step by step, each day adding a new small goal into your routine, and before you know if you are deep into the success that once seemed impossible. Read more>>

Christie Echikwa | Life and Business Coach

The feeling that I am unstoppable. I never allowed the challenges and failures I faced in my life stop me from accomplishing my dreams. I failed, I got rejected but I got back up and I kept going after my dreams and vision. I NEVER allowed negative thoughts to linger in my head. I focused on the positive outcome of every area of my life. Read more>>

Chris Collins, Josh Rodriguez, and Alex Wilshin | There Are Too Many Movies

“Being consistent with content creation whether it’s the weekly show or filling the gaps between our episodes with clips and content. We keep rolling the dice and staying consistent and I think that has been our most successful habit.” Josh: “We’ve done a great job of making the show more than a hobby. It feels more like a side hustle that we happen to love. Committing to the show as a genuine priority has helped us succeed.” Alex: “Keeping to a set time and routine. Play off each other’s strengths, watching ourselves to see where we can improve, and interacting with our listeners.” Read more>>

Madison David | Content Creator + Blogger

My #1 as a content creator is gravitating towards the things that make me feel inclined to create and Dallas makes it easy! Whether its a cozy corner tucked into my favorite coffee shop or a park that’s blooming with spring color, getting out into the eternal buzz of Dallas or traveling somewhere new keeps me fueled to create. Planning out content is also a top priority! As a creator, I used to scramble to get posts together and felt like my feeds were falling flat in the process. Now I plan out and time block brainstorming, creating and posting content so my ship runs smoothly and I can more effectively utilize my time. Read more>>

Denise Wolford | Motivational Speaker

Being Persistent not a Procrastinator getting things done. Read more>>

Ketrina Lewis | USAF Veteran, CEO and Nurse Practitioner at MHW

I would have to say persistence and passion have been the foundation to my success. When you are passionate about something, it doesn’t feel like a job it feels like I’m walking in my purpose. I love helping people. It is something that comes natural to me and I really and truly enjoy it. Read more>>

Charles Hou | Director of Debate, Texas Junior State of America

When I first entered my school’s Junior State of America meeting as a freshman, I had no idea what to expect. I was told that the organization was similar to speech & debate, which was something I was passionately involved in and still am today. When I first entered the small room tucked away in an obscure hallway, I was welcomed by a unmistakable wave of humidity and a modest group of sophomores wanting to share the club with a new generation of high schoolers. Despite their passion, my school’s chapter was incredibly small. Only three people went to the Fall State Convention, and they were dwarfed by larger chapters in Houston and San Antonio. After the Fall Convention, seeing the small number of students within the club, I could have very easily decided to quit the organization without putting a second thought into it. Yet at a pivotal moment in my high school career, inspired by the photos of my friends who had attended the Fall Convention, I decided to make a trip to Houston for the Spring Convention. Read more>>

Xandria Caesar | Artist

One habit I believe has help me succeed so far has been never being satisfied. I’m always looking for a different way to do something , easier way, faster way anything other than the way I’m currently doing it. Because of this I find that I actually discover new things. When I go into finding a different way To complete my goal. I don’t always know what the correct path looks like, but through trial and error I find success. Read more>>

Lamecca Hunt | Owner & CEO

Starting my day at 5:30 am. It wasn’t easy at first to develop this habit because I’m not a morning person at all but getting up this early allows some quiet time to think and plan out my day. I meditate, process orders, reply to messages and determine my social media content. If I happen to sleep pass this time, my day feels hectic! Another habit is handwriting notes to my customers. This is a timely process but also very therapeutic because I realize this person is trusting me by purchasing my products so the least I could do is personally tell them how much I appreciate their business. Read more>>

Derek Lamb | Music Composer and Publisher

Staying in the ‘lab’. Reaping out the dead weight and distractions. Always staying true to my vision. I stand on these things, and they have really played in my favor. Read more>>

Maiya Winston | Consultant | Coach | Mentor

The habits of consistency and planning have helped and continue to help me succeed. One of my favorite mantras is “keep showing up”. By creating and building productive habits within my business, I have been able to secure opportunities to increase brand awareness and secure new clients. Additionally, having a business plan and plan of daily action helps clarify the “why” behind the “what”. By staying the course with the plan I’ve developed, I can see the progress being made, as well as correct any missteps. Giving myself time to collect results from consistent actions helps to provide greater clarity for next steps, as well as identifying any opportunities where I may need support. Read more>>

Jessica Hester | Founder & Mentor

I have quite a bit of habits I think has helped me reach success in my life; I wouldn’t say they are all good though. My biggest habits are overthinking and picking things apart and honestly it can be quite debilitating at times. However, the beauty in that chaos is when it comes to my brand there is rarely a box that goes unturned. All the T’s are crossed, the I’s are dotted and there are even a few extra squiggles in there somewhere lol. I think this has helped me a lot actually, especially with my creative campaigns that generate sales because I am always trying to pick my way into the minds of other people. What will be their experience with my brand and how will they feel after receiving my products…after working with me? What will the message be? Am I doing too much? Am I doing too little? Should I launch this new product now? Should I wait until later? This style or that style? This name or that name? It can be a mess! Lol but that’s the nature of my business. Read more>>