It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day, but it’s important to stop ask: what’s the end goal? Knowing where you are trying to go is step one in getting there and so we’ve asked some folks we admire to tell us their end goal and where they want to be by the end of their careers.

Aika Takeshima | Dance Artist/Choreographer & Diversity Activist

My mission is to help people find more freedom and possibilities in themselves using my movements, words, and passion. This because my values are strongly based on the believe of the power of art and everyone’s capability. Everyone are greater than they think they are and art can raise individual self confidence, leading to the understanding of diversity, opening the doors to eliminate prejudice and discrimination. This is why I pursue the career as artists in New York and activist/diversity trainer in Japan. Read more>>

Monica Taylor | Curly Hair Specialist

What a great question! My end goal is pretty simple. I hope to empower more women and men to embrace their curly hair, their natural locs, their born in style with excitement. I want them to not only feel good after leaving their appointment but confident in how they style their hair at home in between services. I love what I do and what more could you ask for when it comes to the work you do. I get a fresh sense of accomplishment with each client I service and in the end, I know I would have made a difference in so many lives. Read more>>